Things To Do In Lake Tahoe, CA In August

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Things To Do In Lake Tahoe, CA In August, including Lake Tahoe Sightseeing & Lunch Cruises Aboard the Bleu Wave, Yosemite Valley Tour From Lake Tahoe , Tahoe Sport Fishing Zephyr Cove.
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Top August Things To Do In Lake Tahoe
Aug 1, 2020 to Aug 31, 2020
M.S. Dixie II Sightseeing & Sunset Dinner Cruises
With each month being full of holidays August gives me a break,plenty of time to relax and find something fun to do and that I have. Lake Tahoe,Nevada offers a chance to view beautiful scenery while on a paddle boat cruise upon the M.S Dixie ii(the largest on Tahoe). The only question left is which exciting tour do I choose,the day cruise which includes wonderal natural scenery and a video history of rhe area or the dinner tour which includes wonderful views,diner,dancing and music. Some of areas I will be seeing are the historic Emerald Bay,Zephyer Cove and last,but not least the gorgus natural mountain side with all its generous peaks. With August being a wonderful mixture of warm days with lots of sunshine and the evenings/nights being cooler after the sun decides to say good night,an empty calander and with nothing else to do makes the perfect time to see what Lake Tahoe,Nevada has to offer. All this is yours too,just book it.
Aug 1, 2020 to Aug 31, 2020
Lake Tahoe Sightseeing & Lunch Cruises Aboard the Bleu Wave
Enjoy the summer air as you sail across the open water on the Lake Tahoe Sightseeing and Lunch Cruise Aboard the Blue wave. The duration of the tour is two hours, in August’s afternoon air, around Emerald Bay on a yacht that has travelled thru many bodies of water all over the world. With the purchase of the ticket a buffet lunch with your choice of two non alcoholic drinks will be provided, additional drinks can be purchased on the cruise. The cruise is permitted for individuals of all ages and cameras are also authorized so that you can create lasting memories while taking in the sights of the snow capped mountains, the beautiful lake and the forest that line the edge of the lake. On the journey you’ll take in the sights of Ms. Lora Josephine Knight’s Vikingsholm Castle as well as the remains of her tea house at Fannette Island. Take time out of your summer to surround yourself in relaxation aboard the Blue Wave cruise.
Aug 6, 2020 to Aug 27, 2020
Virginia City NV Day Tour
Are you stuck on what to do for those sweltering August days? Look no further than the educational and exciting day trip from Lake Tahoe into the historic Old West mining town of Virginia Falls. You will embark on a comfortable minibus that'll travel the route of the old Pony Express, that mail route that leads through open land where wild mustangs still roam free, and if you are very lucky maybe you can see one of them. The tour of course includes a lot of information about the area you will be traveling through, from the times and habits of early settlers to natural, even geological elements of the land around you. Once the minibus touches down in the town of Virginia Falls, you will have the option to ride on a historic train to the old Gold Hill and back. If you are less interested in the educational aspects of this little day trip, Virginia City has some lovely historic neighborhoods which feature a plethora of unique boutiques.
Aug 4, 2020 to Aug 25, 2020
Around The Lake Tahoe Tour
Those arid, sweat-inducing days of late summer, especially the month of August, are perfect to plan a little getaway featuring a day trip or tour that will both entertain and inform you. Think about taking the day tour through the varying terrain of the Lake Tahoe area. A luxurious and comfortable bus has expansive windows through which you can enjoy the scenic majesty of the land around you. In addition, your driver will be quite knowledgeable and will be able to answer any question you want to ask. The trip includes several photo opportunities for you to immortalize your trip and a stop halfway through at a popular shopping center in the area for lunch and some light browsing around one of it's numerous and unique shops. This is truly a fantastic way to spend an August day, whether it's a solo trip to unwind or you want to bring along the whole family.
Aug 1, 2020 to Aug 31, 2020
Hellman-Ehrman Mansion
If you're planning a family trip to Lake Tahoe and you're searching for educational activities to take part in while you're in town, then you must consider taking a guided tour of the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion that overlooks the lake. Your group will meet a professional tour guide outside of the estate before heading inside to take a look at how the mansion was decorated back in the late 1800s to early 1900s. There are several buildings on the property including the boatman's cabin, the ice house, coach house, butler's quarters and many more structures that you'll have the opportunity to take a closer look at during the tour. Although our guides only take about 30-minutes to conduct the entire tour, they are knowledgeable and willing to share any information about the area. Whether you're in town for vacation or a local searching for an exciting afternoon excursion, the Hellman-Ehrman Mansion tour is sure to keep your entire party entertained with activities that the residents enjoyed when they lived here centuries ago.
Aug 5, 2020 to Aug 26, 2020
El Dorado County Wine & Harvest Tour in Apple Hill
Welcome to Beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, where the air is clean and the wine is fine. The El Dorado County Wine & Harvest Tour in Apple Hill is sure to please your pallet. August in Lake Tahoe is beautiful and is a great time to visit. The Sierra Nevada Foothills are one of Californians most productive Wine regions in the state. The wine here is very tasty and priced right. The Tour will take you by Three wineries and includes lunch. This Tour will take 7 hours, so plan for the day. The Boeger Winery is an 1850's Homestead that functions as the winery. This unique winery will take you back to the 1850's with all it's charm. The Boa Vista Orchards and winery is loaded with fresh produce, selected wines, jams, jellies,and much more including fresh baked goods. The Jodar Vineyards is a newer Winery that is up and coming with fabulous wine choices. This Tour is a wonderful way to spend a day in Lake Tahoe.
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