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Poteet Country Winery near San Antonio, TX

Poteet Country Winery is located just outside of San Antonio, Texas, in a small town named Poteet where the location and the climate provide the perfect setting for growing strawberries.

As a result, the winery produces strawberry wine instead of the traditional wine made from grapes.

Poteet strawberries are so sweet and delicious that many of the people who live in the area would eat them straight off of the vine. Jim Collums and Bob Denson decided that they would make a new way for the citizens of Poteet to enjoy these sweet berries and, in 1997, they started the Poteet Country Winery. Their strawberry wine has been such a huge success that they have started plans to create some new wines from their own grapes. Planting has already begun and the pair of wine enthusiasts expects that the first wine they produce from the grapes will be available in 2014.

Until then, Poteet Country Winery will continue to solely produce strawberry wines for visitors and locals. In addition to its strawberry wines, the winery also sells wines made from locally grown fruits. One of the wines currently offered is made from the Wild Mustang Grapes, which gives guests an entirely new flavor to sample. Wine tastings are held often at the winery and are free. Only guests who are 21 years of age or older may sample the wines.

When you visit Poteet Country Winery, you’re certain to experience something new with their delicious strawberry wine. You may become so partial that you favor it over traditional grape wines!

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Poteet Country Winery
400 Tank Hollow Road
Poteet, TX? 78065
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