The image captures a nighttime aerial view of a town brightly illuminated with glowing streets and buildings while fireworks erupt in the sky above.
The image is an aerial night view of a brightly lit urban area with distinctive blue-lit pathways winding through a complex of buildings and attractions.
An aerial night view of a vibrant cityscape with illuminated streets, buildings, and possibly a fairgrounds or amusement park near a body of water.

The Orlando Eye in Orlando, FL

8401 International Dr #100 Orlando, FL 32819
The following tours go by Orlando Eye:
Private Helicopter Night Tour in Orlando Park Fireworks Photo
6/12/2024 - 1/5/2025
Experience the dazzling brilliance of Orlando's famous theme parks from the sky on our Private Helicopter Night Tour over Orlando Park Fireworks.
Take a moment and escape tto new heights with a fun visit to the Orlando Eye, an astonishingly high tower that gives guests the best views of the metropolis. 

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