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Nashville Old Town Trolley Tour
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Midtown Neighborhood in Nashville, TN

Downtown, Music Row, West End and Hillsboro Village Nashville, TN 37212
The following tours visit Midtown Neighborhood:
Nashville Old Town Trolley 2 Day Ticket Photo
5/16/2024 - 8/15/2024
Nashville, TN is an exciting city with an amazing array of things to see and do, and a trolley tour is the perfect way to see it all.
Nashville Old Town Trolley Tour Photo
5/16/2024 - 8/15/2024
The Nashville Old Town Trolley Tour is the most fascinating way to experience the city; set out upon this fully-narrated hop on/hop off trolley tour to see Music City like you never have before on a family-oriented excursion.
The Midtown Neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee, takes center stage as a vibrant hub bursting with Southern culture and liveliness.

Ideally situated between the city’s downtown district and the prestigious Vanderbilt University, Midtown is a truly eclectic neighborhood. With its artful fusion of old and new aesthetics, this common ground for students, artists, musicians, and professionals displays the true cultural essence and charm of Nashville. Midtown promises an array of experiences from world-class culinary scenes, vibrant live entertainment, and historical sites to trendy shopping, it’s no wonder this area is a must-visit destination.

Established during the city's economic growth in the late 19th century and early 20th century, Midtown is home to several historical buildings and Nashville landmarks. Each structure tells a tale of Nashville's rich history and our progression as a city. This area uniquely blends history with modernity, making it an intriguing destination for both the history enthusiasts and urban explorers.

Among the myriad of highlights in Midtown, music takes the spotlight. Nashville’s famous Music Row, a tapestry of recording studios and record label offices, is a dazzling mainstay of the area. Here, many renowned artists have recorded their chart-topping hits, giving Music Row an atmosphere soaked in creativity and inspiration. Notably, Historic RCA Studio B and the Parthenon, a full-scale replica of the ancient Greek temple, are also part of this musical pilgrimage site.

For foodies, Midtown presents itself as a culinary paradise. You will find everything from traditional Tennessee barbecues to gourmet meals in its wide array of eateries and bars. The Hattie B’s, famous for its hot chicken, is a local favorite, as is the bustling Tavern, known for its cosmopolitan food and cocktails. For shopping enthusiasts, stores brimming with local crafts, high-end boutiques, and vintage record shops add to the neighborhood's charm.

Midtown Neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee, is more than just a district; it's a vibrant canvas that beautifully blends the past and the present, the quiet elegance and lively party scene, the students, the artists, and the dreamers. It's a place where every nook has a story to tell, every street corner hums a melody, and every evening promises a memory. So whether you come for the music, the food, the history, or the vibrant culture, a visit to Midtown is bound to leave you enriched and enthralled.

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