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Sanford Brewing Company near Orlando, FL

400 Sanford Ave Sanford, FL 32771
The following tours visit Sanford Brewing Company near Orlando, FL:
Craft Beer and History Tour in Sanford Photo
6/22/2024 - 5/31/2025
Immerse yourself in beer and history on the Craft Beer and History Tour in Sanford, Florida.
Located within reach of Orlando, Florida lies a charming and vibrant embodiment of community and craft beer, well-loved by locals and tourists alike, Sanford Brewing Company.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Sanford, this destination is not solely known for its exquisite, locally crafted beers but also for the enticing and warm atmosphere it channels. One should gravitate to this spot not only for the impressive assortment of brews, but also for the welcoming spirit, tantalizing menu, and lively events that encapsulate true Floridian culture and hospitality.

Sanford Brewing Company wasn't simply a sudden addition to Sanford's downtown landscape; rather, it is a product of a rich timeline of dreams, efforts, and far-reaching family involvements since its establishment in 2016. This 3,200 square foot space offers an open concept taproom in a revived and reimagined 1930s-era warehouse, a direct nod to the undying spirit of Sanford's history and culture.

One of Sanford Brewing Company's most distinct highlights is its eminent collection of crafted beers, ranging from stouts to IPAs to flavored beers and more, brewed on-site and served straight from the tank to the tap to your glass. Each brew portrays the diverse, far-flung and intricate tastes craft beer enthusiasts desire. Moreover, their flavorful variety extends beyond beers to the dining options offered. Their food menu promises a fusion of American classics with a twist, featuring exquisite dishes like ‘Beer Mac N’ Cheese’ and ‘Bacon on a Stick.' This provides a full sensory experience, combining both taste and smell, that is a feast for the senses.

Another standout feature is the spirit of community embodied in Sanford Brewing Company. Weekly live music events and trivia nights invite patrons to engage with their fellow Sanford community members. In addition to this, the carefully curated atmosphere of the venue, with its industrial yet warm aesthetics, classic long tables for shared seating, and an open view of the brewery operation gives every visitor a sense of an inclusive and vibrant community.

In conclusion, the Sanford Brewing Company is more than just a beer lover’s haven—it’s a multi-faceted point of interest mingling delectable food, crafted beers, a cozy ambience, and immersive, community-rooted events. Its perfect blend of historic charm and modern craft promises a unique, well-rounded experience any visitor would wish to partake in. Whether you are a beer aficionado or a traveler eager for an authentic taste of a local Florida community, Sanford Brewing Company beckons with its irresistible allure.

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