Smoky Mountain Palace in Sevierville, TN

179 Collier Drive Sevierville, TN 37865
The Smoky Mountain Palace is located in Sevierville, TN.

The Smoky Mountain Palace is located in Sevierville, TN. This is a large theater that features s variety of shows through the year. One of the popular shows that is performed at the theater is Cirque du Chine.

Cirque du Chine is a musical event that is full of acrobatics and dazzling stunts. There is a dinner served while guests view the show. This is a presentation that brings back what was seen during the opening events of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The show takes place over the course of about two hours. There is a lot of color involved in the show as well as a large amount of movement as people fly through the air on a trapeze and dance on the stage. There is also a bit of danger involved with fire and other items used in the show. Hoop Divers throw themselves through various hoops on stage and in the air, some as high as 12 feet off the ground. View ladies who are tossed from one board above the stage to another, caught by men who are sometimes hanging upside down. The show ends on a daring presentation involving motorcycles racing inside a globe.

While in the Smoky Mountains, stop in at the Smoky Mountain Palace to view one of the best shows in the area. Cirque du Chine will leave you wondering in amazement at how the actors and acrobats can perform some of the stunts as you enjoy a delicious meal.

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