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Panning for gems
Gem mining at Gatlinburg Gem Mine

Gatlinburg Gem Mine in Gatlinburg, TN

Reagan Terrace Mall , 716 Parkway
Adults and children alike will love the experience of gem mining for rubies, fossils, and more at the Gatlinburg Gem Mine, located at the Reagan Terrace Mall.

You'll be guaranteed to discover at least 15 gemstones every time, including the chance to mine more than 15 different kinds of rubies, fossils, arrowheads, and more! The experience is unique and thrilling as you purchase a bag and head outside to the mining area to receive your mining sieve.

You'll learn the proper technique for mining as you pour the mixture from bag into the sieve little by little. Everyone in your travel group will be amazed as the dirt falls away, and sparkling treasures remain in your sieve! After identifying your stones, you'll have an incredible collection that might just develop into an exciting new hobby.

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