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On the day we arrive, we'll find a local grocery store and stock up on bottled water, soft drinks, and snacks. If our hotel doesn't offer a free continental breakfast, we'll pick up a box of donuts or some bagels and cream cheese. We might even go back to buy groceries for a picnic lunch. With three kids, every beverage, snack, and meal we can save money on comes in handy!
Terra Sanders
If you're going to be calling home, buy a prepaid phone card before you leave. You usually save money, and you definitely save the hassle of digging for change!
James Fenton
When I vacation in a big city, I usually rent a car to drive there and return it on the day I arrive. I'll take public transportation, walk, or hail a cab during my vacation. It's cheaper, I never get lost, and I'm not stressed out about traffic or finding a parking space. On the day of my departure, I pick up a rental car and head home.
Lisa Rudnor
Make a checklist for your packing and include everything from clothing and toiletries to identification, insurance cards, and traveler's checks. You have no idea how many times I've left home without my driver's license or credit card before I started including them on my list!
Tammy Jenkins
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