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Don't forget to pack an extra pair of eyeglasses or disposable contacts.
Tina Everret
I take a lot of photos on my vacations. I used to get home, develop the pictures, and not remember where I took them! I now keep a little notebook in my camera bag and make a note of each place we stop to take pictures at.
Mac Yorkster
Pack a little spray bottle that gives off a light mist. When you fill it with water, it can serve double duty, to remove light wrinkles from your clothes, or to help cool you off during hot days at the beach or theme park.
Bethany Pearson
When you're looking for a restaurant, look for the locals. They'll know where to get good food, for cheaper, and without the long wait.
Taylor Vedding
You can save money, avoid long lines, crowds and traffic by traveling during the off-season. Every area has a different slow season, so you can still travel year-round.
George McMann
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