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I always pack my clothes around a color scheme, so I can mix and match my outfits for any weather or activity.
Jean Parey
When you're planning your vacation expenses, make sure you set aside money for travel insurance. If there's an emergency and you need to cancel or postpone your trip, you stand to lose most or all of the cost of your vacation.
Thomas Marquette
Unless it's a serious emergency, don't use your credit card for cash advances. The interest rates are usually much higher for cash than charges.
David West
If you're going to be hiking on your vacation, don't forget the insect repellent. And take the time to learn what the region's poisonous plants (and snakes) look like.
Keith Taylor
Skip the tennis shoes and choose a pair of dark-colored, comfortable shoes that can work for the sightseeing days when you do a lot of walking as well as for dressier evenings.
Nicole Balo
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