The Annual National Shag Dance Championships--Shagging in South Carolina!

Shag dancing is a bit of a tradition in Myrtle Beach. It only makes sense that the National Shag Dance Championships be held in that very city. If you want a taste of real shag dancing, shown by the professionals, stop by this competition, where you are sure to get an eye-full!


The Contest This Year


The National Shag Dance Championships began in 1984 and have continued, gaining momentum, throughout the years. Known as the 'Best Swing Event in the USA,' the Shag Nationals are the cream of the crop when it comes to swing dancing. The preliminaries have already past, but finals are coming up March 8-10 and will be held at Studebakers.


What is Shagging?


Shagging actually began in Myrtle Beach. This interesting form of dance is a combination of Ballroom Swing and the Charleston. This interesting form of dance can be found all across the country with everyone from children to senior citizens Shagging down the dance floor. Now a part of the Ballroom dancing collection, competitions can come in several levels, from beginner to pro. Also known as the Carolina Shag, this dance is a series of dance steps that include: Cuban steps, shuffles, and twinkles. While this dance is traditionally performed on the beach in the sand, at competitions, that can't quite be accomplished. So, if you are looking for a mix of East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, beach and sand, then the Shag just may be the dance for you!


There you have it, a bit of history about Shag dancing, along with information about this years competition. If you are looking to get into Shag yourself, there are studios located throughout the state where you can learn this simple form of dance with a flair that's all your own. Enjoy this fun activity and tons of amazing attractions when you plan your vacation package to the Myrtle Beach area. Choose your hotel accommodations today!

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