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Orlando, FL Swim with Manatees

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Swim with manatees, also known as the sea cow, on your next vacation to Orlando, FL. With multiple tour options, you can enjoy a day of sun while swimming with these beautiful creatures. So, take advantage of this exciting opportunity on your next vacation.

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Orlando Swim with Manatees

Touching a Manatee with Florida Manatee Snorkel and Swim Adventure Tour
The Florida Manatee Snorkel and Swim Adventure Tour is an interactive activity that the entire family will enjoy. The adventure begins with a boat ride on the Cyrstal River. After the boat ride, feel free to swim, snorkel, paddleboard, or kayak and hopefully the manatees with play along with you. The Homosassa Wildlife Park is the next stop on this adventure. After an airboat ride and lunch, tourists will head into the park to see bears, hippopotamus, and more manatees. The park also has a learning center, bird watching, and opportunities to get up and close to snakes and other wildlife. Don't miss out on the chance to swim with manatees.
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Swim with the Manatees
Manatees are an endangered form of sea life that we don't get a chance to see too often these days. This large sea animal can get up to ten feet long and weigh up to 1'000 pounds. On this incredible tour, you will have a chance not only to see a Manatee up close but have an opportunity to actually swim alongside one, with proper supervision from a skilled diver who will take you into this sea mammals habitat in Crystal River of Orlando, Florida. The ten-hour tour starts with a complimentary breakfast and a hot lunch as well, transportation by motorcoach is also included a round trip along with a panton cruise boat to take you out to the spot to dive into Crystal River. Swim with manatees for an unforgettable adventure!
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