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Family Kingdom Amusement Park

(4.6) Based on 7 reviews
300 S Ocean Blvd Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
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We are sorry, Family Kingdom Amusement Park has no additional dates currently scheduled.

However, there are still plenty of things to do. See top rated activities below.

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Family Kingdom Amusement Park
Detail Most guests spend the day at the park.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
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Family Kingdom Amusement Park
Family Kingdom Amusement Park Photos (20)
Family Kingdom Amusement ParkFamily Kingdom Amusement ParkFamily Kingdom Amusement ParkFamily Kingdom Amusement Park
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So much fun. My son had a blast. XYZCarmen Simens - Acworth, GaSo much fun. My son had a blast. XYZCarmen Simens - Acworth, GaSo much fun. My son had a blast. XYZCarmen Simens - Acworth, GaSo much fun. My son had a blast. XYZCarmen Simens - Acworth, Ga

For fun in Myrtle Beach, be sure to visit Family Kingdom amusement park for tons of fun and exciting theme park adventures. This family theme park features everything you need to have a fabulous vacation. With excitement ranging from thrill rides, entertainment, eateries, and racing - all with gorgeous ocean views! With admission to Family Kingdom, you and your family will sure have a blast!

Family Kingdom Myrtle Beach Amusement Park: Visit this amazing amusement park Myrtle Beach!

For those seeking thrills, Family Kingdom Amusement Park Myrtle Beach, SC is perfect for you. There are more than 35 different rides at the park, some of the thrill rides include classic favorites like the Scrambler and the Galleon ship. Younger guests will have an amazing time on the Dodgems Bumper Cars, and the braver ones in your party can take to the skies on the Sling Shot or a Myrtle Beach roller coaster.

There are plenty of kids' rides for the younger members of your crew. The giant Ferris wheel, Bumper Boats, Berry-Go-Round (similar to teacup rides), and the Kite Flyer are all great options to enjoy. Guests can even get in some splashing fun on the Log Flume Water Ride and put their shoot-em-up skills to the test at the Pistolero Roundup. 

Mini rides are great for toddlers. There are fun choices like the Cycles, Frog Hopper, and a pint-sized Kiddie Coaster designed with your little ones in mind. There is a mini Kiddie Ferris Wheel and smaller versions of the Bumper Boats called the Wet Boats. Regardless of ages, there truly is something for every kid here to enjoy.


As well as awesome rides, the park is also home to various carnival games to enjoy, so try your hand at one of these classic games and win some awesome and fun prizes! There are eateries for when you work up an appetite. Classic fair food is sure to satisfy your tastebuds, and there are substantial lunch options as well. With so many different varieties of entertainment. You can make it a guaranteed all-day blast!

Family Kingdom Amusement Park Thrill Rides:

  • Dodgems Bumper Cars - Smash and crash into the other bumper cars for a fun activity. To ride with an adult you must be 42'' - 51''. Ride alone 52'.
  • Galleon - Ride on the ship as it swings back and forth going higher and faster after each rock! To ride with an adult you must be 42' - 47'. Ride alone 48'
  • Hurricane - Speed around in circles along a hilly track for a roller coaster sensation. To ride with an adult you must be 42' - 51'. Ride alone 52'
  • Log Flume Water Ride - Take a thrilling ride in a log as you slide down and splash into the water below! To ride with an adult you must be 36' - 41'. Ride alone 42'.
  • Scrambler - Spin around in circles as you around in circles in this classic park ride. To ride with an adult you must be 36' - 47'. Ride alone 48'.
  • Sling Shot - Free fall straight down from 100 feet to test your fear of heights! Must be 48' to ride alone or with an adult.
  • Swamp Fox Roller Coaster - A Myrtle Beach landmark that has been around since opening in 1966 it features 2,400 feet of all-wooden track with an ocean view. Must be 52' to ride alone or with an adult.
  • Thunderbolt - Swinging around in circles in cars that soar around, up and down for a fun adventure. Must be 42' to ride.
  • Tilt A Whirl - As the platform spins around, each car spins at random and changing speeds for a fun experience. Must be 30' - 45' to ride with an adult. Ride alone 46'.
  • Twist'n Shout Coaster - Steel coaster with four passenger carts that are vintage automobile themed that make sharp turns to keep you on the edge of your seat. Must be 48' to ride.
  • Yo-Yo - Swing to new heights and spin around in this high-flying swing. Must be 48' to ride.

Family Kingdom Family Rides:

  • Antique Cars - Drive along a track in electric powered antique car replicas. Must be 42' to ride.
  • Berry-Go-Round - Spin around inside a berry as you control the direction and speed of the berry in Family Kingdom's version of the 'teacup' ride. Must be 30' - 41' to ride with an adult. Ride alone at 42'.
  • Bumper Boats - Like bumper cars but you drive atop the water and squirt each other with the equipped water guns. Must be 44' to ride.
  • Carousel - Classic carousel feature horses. Must be 42' to ride.
  • Ferris Wheel - Featuring unique round gondolas that go up to 100 feet to view the Myrtle Beach view. Must be 42' tall and all riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • King Model T's Antique Cars - Drive along a track in these gas-powered antique car replicas. Must be 30' - 41' to ride with an adult. Ride alone 42'.
  • Kite Flyer - Soar in a hang-glider sensation and let your feet dangle as you raise and tilt through the air. Must be 36' - 41' to ride with an adult. Ride alone 42'.
  • Pistolero Roundup - Laser target shooting ride.  Must be 30'- 41' to ride with an adult. Ride alone 42'.
  • Train - See a scenic view of the park in the wonderful train ride. Must be 42' to ride.

Family Kingdom Amusement Park Myrtle Beach Kiddie Rides:

  • 4 X 4 Big Trucks - Pretend to be a truck driver as you drive pint-sized tractor trailer trucks around the oval track. Ride requirements 36' - 52'.
  • Canoes - Glide through a winding river in free-floating mini-canoes. Must be 30'-48' to ride.
  • Cycles - Speed around a track in kiddie style motorcycles as you pop wheelies along the way on a track. Must be 36' -54' to ride.
  • Flight School - Take flight with a seat for a pilot and co-pilot as you soar around in circles. Must be 30' -35' to ride with an adult. Ride alone 36'.
  • Frog Hopper - A low speed ride that bounces kids up and down for a gentle and fun ride. Must be 36' to ride.
  • Hampton Combo - A carousel style ride with a truck, motorcycle, school bus, sports car, and a fire engine to choose from. Bust be 30' - 54' to ride.
  • Jump Around - Vehicles circle and bounce around to enjoy a fun ride for all. Must be 36' - 58' to ride.
  • Kiddie Coaster - Kid-scale roller coaster for the small ones to enjoy on a thrilling adventure. Must be 36' to 58' to ride.
  • Kiddie Speedway - Become a little racecar driver and whip around the corners on an oval track. Must be 42' to 58' to ride.
  • Kiddie Wheel - Child-sized ferris wheel for the young ones to enjoy. Must be 32' - 54' to ride.
  • Kiddie Swing - Smaller version of the Yo-Yo swing that appeals to kids. Must be 30' - 48' to ride.
  • Magic Bikes - Hot air balloon themed ride that you control on flying up and down. Must be 36' - 47' to ride with an adult. Ride alone 48'.
  • Mini Bumper Cars - Kid theme as cats and mice, give the kids the fun of driving and bumping into the other cars. Must be 36' - 54'' to ride.
  • Mini Enterprise - Steer your rocket ship into orbit as you circle around for a fun kid ride. Must be 36' - 54' to ride.
  • Red Baron - Become a Flying Ace and drive your plane in a fun kid ride. Must be 36'- 54' to ride.

Go Karts:

  •  Figure 8 Track - Speed around the multiple turns in a figure 8 go-cart track. Must be 58' to drive.
  • Oval Track - Speed up to 17 miles per hour on Family Kingdom's classic oval track. Must be 58' to ride.

A vacation Myrtle Beach is made awesome with a visit to Family Kingdom! Do not miss out on all of the fun to this great attraction and many other attractions the next time you visit. family kingdom water park hours

 4.6   |    7 reviews
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Janine Speakman
Olney, MD
Verified Traveler

"This is a great amusement park for families"
This is a great amusement park for families. There is a section of the park with rides for younger children. There are a lot of attractions in that section. My 4 year old grandson loved it and was tired out after spending the afternoon and early evening walking around and riding the rides. There are also rides for older kids/grown-ups so everyone can have fun.
Profile Photo
Ernestine Carter
Moseley, VA
Verified Traveler

"Great Family Amusement Park."
Great family amusement park. Not too crowded and didn’t have to wait long i’m lines.
Profile Photo
Ernestine Carter
Moseley, VA
Verified Traveler

"Great family amusement park."
Great family amusement park. My family had a wonderful time.
Profile Photo
Kelly Cox
Wilkesboro, NC
Verified Traveler

"Family kingdom was great!"
Family kingdom was great! It was mid-july & the later it got the longer the lines. The drinks are too over priced! The rides were fun though & we enjoy it. It was a great night out for 2 teenagers & 2 wanna-be-again teenagers.
Frequently Asked Questions for Family Kingdom Amusement Park:
  • What is included in the Family Kingdom admission price?
    Includes all rides in the park. This pass does not include waterpark, go carts, zipline, or bungee.
  • Are wheelchairs and strollers available at Family Kingdom?
    Yes. Strollers are $10 and Wheelchairs are $10.
  • What on-site amenities are available?
    ATM and Concessions.
  • What style of dress is recommended?
    Family friendly and comfortable.
  • Is parking available on-site?
    On-site parking is $7 per car.
  • Are alcoholic beverages served at Family Kingdom?