Train on the Virginia City NV Day Tour

The Delta Saloon in Virginia City, NV

18 C St Virginia City, NV 89440
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Virginia City NV Day Tour  Photo
6/1/2023 - 10/26/2023
This exciting day trip runs Thursdays from Lake Tahoe to the old West town of Virginia City, where you ride the historic Virginia & Truckee Railroad through the mine lands to Gold Hill.
The Delta Saloon in Virginia City is a page out of history.  You'll imagine you are in the days of the Wild West as you walk along the board sidewalk to the entrance of beautiful carved wooden doors, with frosted glass panels and high transoms, its a warm welcome.  Enter this iconic old West Saloon and step up to the Comstock Cedar paneled bar front, with antiques and relics all around.
The Delta Saloon has been serving cocktails, meals and gamblers since 1875 and while you'll still find all those features, it is most famous for a table that sits in the back, covered in a plexi-glass case.  Known as the 'Suicide Table' for its history of notoriously huge losses to the dealers who ran it, the table was originally a Faro Bank Table.  A plaque above the covered table details some of the stories of those who took their own lives after suffering epic losses at the table.

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