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Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course near Lake Tahoe, CA

180 Lake Pkwy Stateline, NV 89448
The following tours visit Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course near Lake Tahoe, CA:
Private Boat Tours of Lake Tahoe for Up to Six Guests. Photo
4/16/2024 - 3/31/2025
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Perched on the southern shoreline of Lake Tahoe nestles the prestigious Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course, a must-see for any golf enthusiast or lover of natural beauty. Known for its stunning views, challenging holes, and geographical location, this golf course uniquely combines the sport's thrill with an unforgettable scenic experience. Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course is synonymous with breathtaking mountain vistas, crystal clear waters, and meticulously manicured greens. This distinguished destination presents an irresistible allure to avid golfers, nature lovers, and those seeking an oasis of tranquility amidst the unparalleled beauty of Lake Tahoe.

Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course was established in 1968 and has since commandingly stood its ground amongst America's best golf courses. Renowned architect George Fazio designed it, carefully balancing challenging holes with picturesque fairways across its expansive 7,529-yard layout. Occupying a generous 200-acres, this golf course is famous for its alpine scenery that seamlessly merges with the pristine surrounds of Lake Tahoe, creating a spectacular backdrop for golfers and visitors alike.

The major highlights of Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course revolve around not just its technical design but also its incredible natural assets. The par-3 17th hole, fondly referred to as the "most photographed hole in golf history," offers panoramic vistas, with the magnificent Sierra Nevada mountains reflected on the tranquil surface of the expansive lake. Moreover, the clubhouse is an architectural marvel, exuding casual elegance to suit the sophisticated tastes of visitors. Tantalizing dining options paired with awe-inspiring lake views make each dining experience memorable.

Other notable highlights include the annual celebrity golf tournament, which attracts a large number of spectators and top-notch celebrities. Attending this event adds another glamorous dimension to the already scenic and challenging course. Besides golf, one can indulge in luxurious spa treatments, thrilling water sports, and lakeside yoga during their visit, making Edgewood Tahoe Golf course a comprehensive sensory and leisure experience.

In summary, Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course offers more than a game; it offers an ever-evolving journey through scenic horizons, stimulating challenges, and reposeful amenities. Whether it is the silent appeal of the lake, the fresh mountain air, the strikingly designed clubhouse, or the thrill of perfecting a golf swing while surrounded by exquisite natural beauty, Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course serves as a compelling point of interest. Forced to sit up and acknowledge Edgewood's enticing charm, any visitor will find themselves visualizing return trips before they've even left.

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