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Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show Myrtle Beach, SC & Pigeon Forge, TN

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show in both Myrtle Beach, SC and Pigeon Forge, TN is sure to impress all who visit! As well as being a country music legend, Dolly Parton is also known for her work in the entertainment industry and has made waves with these awesome original shows. From the famous Dolly Parton’s Stampede to magic shows and variety productions, this star has created many beloved displays throughout the Midwest and South. The newest addition to Dolly Parton’s entertainment lineup is Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show’s location in Pigeon Forge, TN! With its maiden location in Myrtle Beach, the new Great Smoky Mountain location is sure to make a splash. 
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About the Pirates Voyage Productions
Both of the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show displays follow the story of Blackbeard and Calico Jack as they sail two gigantic full-scale pirate ships in a thrilling battle for the high seas! Each show utilizes an array of amazing effects, state-of-the-art sound systems, live animals, and a stunning arena featuring a real 15-foot-deep lagoon in which all of the exciting battles and stunts take place. Cheer on the Sapphire or Crimson Crew as they take to the waters - and the skies - during these family-friendly adventures. All of the acrobatics, stunts, and performances are set to original music scores from the genius of Dolly Parton and Mark Brymer, making for an energetic and memorable show. Of course, there is also tons of fun before the show at Pirates Village where kiddos can get their face painted and join in on some swashbuckling fun; and do not forget to visit the gift shop for a pirate-themed souvenir to commemorate your trip! 
About the Pirates Voyage Famous Four-Course Meal
A Dolly Parton production just would not be complete without a delicious meal. At both the Myrtle Beach, SC and Pigeon Forge, TN locations, guests will feast upon a dinner fit for the greatest pirate on the high seas! The spread includes Pirates famous Voyager Creamy Vegetable Soup along with Half O’Roasted Cackler (chicken) and delicious sides. Each meal is topped off with a decadent homemade dessert sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! Guests with dietary restrictions need not fret, as there are vegetarian and gluten-free options available at the time of reservation. 
Book Your Pirates Voyage Adventure Today!
Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is one of the most popular productions in both of these amazing cities. So whether you are exploring the sandy waterfronts of Myrtle Beach or heading to the Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN, a Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show is an amazing way to take in some of the local entertainment combined with a delicious meal. These shows sell out frequently, so plan ahead and reserve your seat today for the best dinner show around! To purchase your tickets, give Vacations Made Easy a call at 1-800-987-9852 or book online for both Myrtle Beach, SC and Pigeon Forge, TN