Tampa Bay Bucket List: 50 Top Activities To Explore the Tampa Bay Area

Are you eagerly anticipating a trip to Tampa but overwhelmed about planning your activities? You aren't alone. There's so much to see and do in southwest Florida that it can be hard to narrow down your options into anything obtainable for the length of your stay.

Explore amazing Tampa Activities!

Thankfully, we're here to help with this list of unique things to do in Tampa. Whether you want to spend your time beachfront with a drink or petting a kangaroo at the zoo, we've got your interests covered. We've trimmed down the highlights of the Tampa area into fifty must-see attractions to help you plan your best trip possible. So what are you waiting for ? The sunshine of Florida awaits for your next getaway.

Dance all night at 260 First

Your search for the finest nightclub in St. Petersburg is over, and this is one of the most fun things to do in Tampa for adults! Get ready for a pulse-raising good time at the 260 First, a nightclub that is constantly considered an experience like no other. Bass-driven music and stunning light visuals ensure that this club is where the action is, while the live DJ entertainment is sure to keep everyone grooving to the beat all night long. This club has been a hotspot for dancing for years, and once you arrive you won't want to miss a moment of the action. Though you can simply show up and have a good time, for large groups it's a smart idea to reserve a table in advance. 


Play a few holes at the Wentworth Golf Club

The only thing better than one golf course is… two golf courses! When you arrive at the Wentworth Golf Club, the hardest decision you'll have to make is which golf course you'll tackle first. Located just one mile apart, both courses are designed by Steve Smyers and are open to public guests as well as country club members. Wentworth is known as a challenging tournament course with stunning views of million-dollar homes, while Crescent Oaks allows you to take longer, wider shots at tees set up for all skill levels. This is another one of the best things to do in Tampa FL for adults. 


Make a splash at Adventure Island

Take some time to cool down from your days in the sun by enjoying the refreshing fun of the Adventure Island Water Park. Over 30 acres of water adventures and beach side relaxation await you at this island paradise that has something to offer for the whole family. Whether you want to take a turn on the twisting water slides, hang out in the multiple wave pools and half mile lazy river, or simply spend the afternoon playing beach volleyball at the parque de agua en Tampa, you're bound to find something fun at this park. Because there's so much to do, you'll want to budget at least four hours to spend at this park. It's great for those who want some adventures in Tampa. 


Defy gravity at Airheads Trampoline Arena

Providing family entertainment for every age, you will be as happy as your kids to bounce and fly on the gigantic trampolines at the Airheads Trampoline Arena. If you need a break from the gravity-defying trampolines, hop over to play some AirSports like dodgeball. Your kids will be having so much fun they will barely notice how much heart-healthy exercise they are getting in the process. A fully equipped arcade keeps the excitement going after energy levels are wiped out and the location also serves delicious food. 


Cheer on the teams at Amalie Arena

You can watch some intense sports action from this state-of-the-art, multipurpose sports venue located right in downtown Tampa. This impressive stadium is home to many local Tampa sports teams, including the Tampa Bay Storm AFL Football Team and the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL Hockey Team. Because Amalie Arena hosts over 150 events every year, you'll want to look carefully at the schedule to see which must-see events you can attend during your trip. 


Explore the Armed Forces History Museum

A walk through the Armed Force s History Museum in Largo, FL will leave you better able to honor the sacrifices that so many have made to preserve our nation's freedom. Dedicated to honoring the lives and service of the American armed forces throughout history, exhibits filled with historical military artifacts, military uniforms, and battle models will leave you with a greater respect for the challenges that the armed forces overcome with every war. For history buffs, this is a great option of Tampa activities for adults. 


Tour the Big Cat Rescue

It's a sad reality that many people try to keep big cats as pets that don't have any right to do so. Thankfully, the Tampa Bay Big Cat Rescue is an incredible place that is willing to take in troubled big cats from around the country. As the world's largest big cat rescue facility, the Tampa rescue is home to lions, tigers, servals, bobcats and cougars, all of whom have been rescued from abusive situations from around the country. A day at the shelter will allow you to delight in these majestic creatures.

Have a pint at Big Storm Brewing Company

Some other awesome adult activities Tampa offers include brewery tours. Started right in Tampa in 2012, the Big Storm Brewing Company represents everything that is good with the modern craft beer movement. Delicious drinks are created right on site by an experienced brew team that values spirit, authenticity, and quality over everything else. Even if you don't consider yourself a beer lover, the innovative flavors at the brewery ensure that there will be something that you'll enjoy. Inspired by the big Florida storms that hit their region every year, some of the most renowned flavors include Arcus IPA, the Wavemaker Amber Ale, and the new Helicity Pilsner.


Visit Busch Gardens

If you want a day filled with fun and adventure for the whole family, the Busch Gardens are a must visit. You'll get to explore ten unique African themed park areas filled with your favorite exotic animals like gorillas, chimps, tigers, elephants, and so much more. Many exhibits allow you to watch animals act like they do in the wild, but keep your fingers crossed and you just might get to feed a kangaroo! After you've seen the animals, the family thrill seekers will have fun on a variety of rides, including the brand new Falcon's Fury. You won't be bored for a single second! This theme park offers great Tampa things to do adults and kids alike will enjoy! 

Relax with a Calypso Queen Dinner Cruise

If you want to experience the Tampa Bay area in the best way possible, then the Calypso Queen Cruise is not to be missed. 65 feet of luxurious cruise ship mean that you will never forget that you are in the midst of a glamorous adventure. With plenty of cruise options to chose from, you won't have any trouble finding an option that fits in your schedule. Whether you chose to enjoy the live DJ and drinks on the ever-popular dinner cruise or opt for a more casual lunch buffet with your family, this is a cruising adventure that shouldn't be missed. 


Relax and have a drink at Cigar City Brewing

Take some time out of your vacation to enjoy some of the finer things in life, like the extensive award-winning craft beer selection at Cigar City Brewing. For those that prioritize good beer over amusement parks, Cigar City is the place you need to go. Where else can you enjoy the tastes of Cubano-Style Espresso Brown Ale and Jai Alai IPA in one place? With a philosophy that quality beer can come only from combining quality ingredients, every beer from Cigar City is an experiment in the limits of taste and what constitutes a good beer. If you're looking for a place to relax and take the edge off, Cigar City Brewing can't be beat. If you're looking for things to do in Tampa Florida for adults, this is a great option. 


Lounge on Clearwater Beach

If you're looking for an idyllic paradise to soak up the southern Florida sun, the beauty of Clearwater Beach is perfect. This wide beach of pristine white sand is the perfect place to lounge all day, whether you are a volleyball player, sun worshiper, or simply in search of some good waves to surf. Fancy hotels line the coastline, but there are plenty of isolated spaces for you to get away from it all and relax in peace. Bring a good book and some sunglasses so that you can people-watch without being obvious, and you'll be ready to experience a day filled with sandy beach fun. 


Stroll through Cypress Point Park

If strolling along an ocean boardwalk on a beautiful day isn't your idea of fun, maybe you don't belong in Florida. For the rest of us, Cypress Point Park is a stunning public space that is off the beaten path. This waterfront park is lined with a boardwalks as well as plenty of hiking trails, steep sand dunes, picnic shelters, and a handy canoe dock. You can bird watch for shore birds in the early morning and people watch as the crowds start to come out later in the day. The relaxation and rejuvenation potential at Cypress Point ensures it is a place you will be visiting again and again.


Visit The Dali Museum

The Dali Museum was designed by the renowned architect Yann Weymouth to pay tribute to the great artist Salvador Dali. Following Dali's signature style, the building is created in a twist of fantastical and rational elements melded together, much like a Dali painting. The museum houses the largest collection of Dali's work within the United States, totaling 96 oil paintings plus original drawings, sculptures, and prints that were created throughout the esteemed artist's career. Opened in 2011, the museum has been expanding every year and consistently gets new collections to display, both permanent and temporary. If you are an art lover and you find yourself in the St. Petersburg area, this museum is a must-visit 


See a real live dolphin on the Dolphin Racer Speedboat

Take a ride on the wild side with this unique cruise option off of Saint Petersburg beach. You'll get to see what makes the Gulf Coast so famous as you cruise along with dolphins, sight-see celebrity homes, and enjoy the stunning beauty of the open ocean on the Dolphin Racer Speedboat Cruise. Over the course of the 90 minute tour, the speed of the boat consistently attracts dolphins right up to the bow. But, if you happen to be on the rare trip that doesn't see any, you will be gifted with a free pass to ride again. It's an opportunity that can't be missed!


Explore the sea at the Florida Aquarium

You might be surrounded by the ocean in Tampa, but how often do you really get to look at everything happening underneath the surface? The Florida Aquarium peels back the layers of the water and lets you get an up-close look at the creatures beneath the sea. You'll get to watch thousands of animals (many who are native to Florida and endangered) play and interact with each other while learning about the challenges they are facing in our ever-changing world. Both fun and educational, a visit to the aquarium will leave you with a better appreciation for the world we all (human and sea creature alike) call home. 


Take a selfie at the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

Take your passion for selfies to the next level with a visit to the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts. Directly front and center in the vibrant Waterfront Arts District of Tampa, the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts is located in a visually-arresting Cube building. Inside, the museum boasts plenty of photographic attractions; from a range of permanent historical and contemporary photography work to ever-changing temporary exhibits. This museum is designed to provide inspiration for your own photographic endeavors, and is bound to make you seek better ways to make your own vacation Instagrams stand out. 


See the wild side of Florida with Canoe Escape

You can tap into your wild side while discovering the stunning beauty of natural Florida by canoeing along the adventurous Hillsborough River. Canoe Escape's knowledgeable guides set you up to explore a 16,000-acre wilderness park filled with sea birds, turtles and gators. You can choose to go on a leisurely two hour paddle or spend the full day coasting down river with your friends and family. If you don't want to go down with a guide, hourly canoe rentals are also available. Located only 16 miles from downtown Tampa, this canoeing tour will truly feel like an escape from the busy city.

Visit the Florida Orange Groves and Winery

It would be a waste to go through Florida without tasting some local citrus, which is a great excuse to go wine tasting at the excellent Florida Orange Groves  and Winery. Located in South Pasadena, FL, this winery is Florida's original tropical fruit winery and produces over 43 different varieties of tropical wines and delicious juices—all made without the aid of grapes. You can get a daily tour or simply sample some of the most popular flavors. No matter your opinion on wine, you're sure to find something to tempt your taste buds at this innovative winery. 


Take part in the Gasparilla Invasion and Parade

If you want to be part of an event that truly defines Tampa, then you can't miss the yearly Gasparilla Pirate Fest. Usually taking place in January, this celebration is fun for the whole family. As a pirate-themed celebration of the return of the Gasparilla to take over the bay, this is a festival best celebrated in full pirate costumes with lots of enthusiasm. Be sure to stick around for the Gasparilla Parade of Pirates, a yearly highlight. At the Gasparilla Invasion, your young ones will have the time of their lives, and you'll have just as much fun watching them. 

Learn about the Gilded Age at the Henry B. Plant Museum

Once known as the Tampa Bay Hotel, a luxurious resort on the Tampa coast, Henry B. Plant Museum highlights the lifestyles of America's rich and famous during the Gilded Age. You can experience the opulence of this grand old hotel and explore the stunning grounds, complete with a golf course, casino, bowling alley, and indoor swimming pool (a novelty in its time!). This building has been designated as a National Historic Landmark. 


Float on the Hillsboro River

Take the time to bask in the beauty of one of Florida's most famous state parks by spending time along the Hillsboro River. Opened in 1938, the park was one of the first parks established in Florida and has become a beloved recreational area for the western Florida community. You can canoe or kayak on the river, go for a hike to historic Fort Foster, or get a meal at Hillsboro Park Concessions. Because much of the park was designed and built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, you can still see its influence in the rustic architecture that defines the park. 


Eat at Il Ritorno

If you find yourself in St. Petersburg and in the mood for some fine-dining in a traditional Italian style, the Il  Ritorno restaurant is exactly what you are seeking. The authentic taste of old Italy is brought to this beach town in an upscale setting that creates an intimate and attractive atmosphere through candles and sophisticated décor. You'll be thrilled with the menu options of homemade nduja and other cured meats, all types of pasta, pickled ramps, and preserved tropical fruits. Local fresh seafood will perfectly blend with the creamy pasta sauces, ensuring that your culinary tastes won't let you forget for a second that you are dining in the tropics. 

Talk like a pirate on Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise

You'll think you've traveled back in time when you first experience the excitement of this sightseeing journey with pirates. Throughout the two hour cruise, you'll be entertained by Captain Memo and his crew while looking out at the gorgeous scenery surrounding you. While kids will delight in the many pirate themed activities on board, adults can relax with a cold drink and the warm sun on their faces. You'll come off your pirate adventure refreshed and recharged, and maybe motivated to go indulge in a little “pirate treasure” yourself! 

Enjoy the Florida weather at Lettuce Lake Regional Park

Opened in 1982, Lettuce Lake Park has become a beloved part of the Tampa Bay landscape. Over 240 acres of wooded parkland gives every family plenty of room to explore and relax. You can find something to entertain everyone. Amenities range from a 1.25 mile bike trail to a fully-equipped interpretive center with guides happy to tell you about the natural beauty of the park. You can take a stroll on the 3,500 foot boardwalk or climb up an observation tower to see the varied wildlife that call the park home. For a different perspective, canoes and kayaks can be rented to explore the water. 


Feed a giraffe at Lowry Park Zoo

More than 50 acres of prime natural habitat give the over 1,200 animals at the Lowry Park Zoo a great place to live, and make for a wonderful stop on your vacation! The whole family will enjoy the chance to peer into the different global habitats on display, from Safari Africa, Asian Gardens and the Wallaroo Station. You'll get plenty of opportunities to interact with your favorite animals when you come to feed the giraffes, camels, or even giant tortoises. If you come on a Friday between July 8 and August 6, you can take part in the nightly Sunset Celebration, filled with live entertainment and an impressive laser show. 


Try something new at Mise En Place

If you're ideal dining experience revolves around eating creatively-prepared and designed foods in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, you need to be sure to visit one of Tampa's top modern restaurants: Mise En Place. With modern fusion foods that will delight any adventurous taste bud, the Mise en Place offers a food experience that should be savored and enjoyed. As Tampa's premiere restaurant for modern American cuisine, the restaurant focuses on highlighting the unique tastes and textures of the west coastal Florida food landscape. You're sure to come away from your culinary experience wishing there was a way you could stay all night and try everything this innovative restaurant has to offer. 

Explore the Museum of Science and Industry

The Tampa Museum of Science and Industry has been a staple in the community for the past fifty years, and it is a perfect place to spend a rainy day with young kids. The museum has gone through many changes over the years, and today it boasts incredible attractions like an IMAX dome theater, planetarium, bioworks exhibit, and even an outdoor butterfly exhibit. The museum is also constantly changing exhibits ensure that you will have a new experience every time you enter. No matter your age, you're sure to leave the museum smarter than you entered. Be sure to allocate between four and eight hours to fully visit the museum. 

Camp without all the fuss with Not a Clue Adventure

Are you looking for some guided outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, kayaking and more? Then check out the options at Not a Clue Adventures, which offers fun activities for every family that can range from exciting camping trips and guided hikes to saltwater and freshwater fishing and kayaking opportunities. It's the best way to explore some of the thousands of miles of trails in the region, and the highly-trained crew will ensure you are safe and happy throughout your experience. You don't have to worry about a packing list because all camping equipment is provided. It's an adventure that's not to be missed!

Watch the sun set at Pier 60

Some of the best sunsets in all the United States can be seen from Pier 60, and on a clear night, the natural display is not something that you want to miss. Pier 60 hosts a daily festival 365 days out of the year during the four hours surrounding sunset. This festive time is perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sights with other party goers. Each day's attraction showcases local artisans, crafters, street performers, incredible boardwalk food, and, of course, the gorgeous sunsets. Even a cloudy evening won't leave you disappointed with all the fun and excitement that Pier 60 has to offer.

Relax at Saddlebrook Resort and Spa

If you're looking for a place to clear your head and regain your bearings in life, visit The Saddlebrook Resort and Spa to set your senses back on track. This resort will provide you with an incredible spa experience and more. The 7,000 square foot European-style spa is fully-equipped with a steam room, sauna, whirlpool hot tub, and a full menu of spa and salon services to make you feel completely pampered. Every spa staff member is professionally trained and equipped to sooth your every ache and pain, ensuring you leave the spa feeling like a new person. Be careful, though—if you visit early in your vacation, you might find yourself booking appointments every day!

Find a great deal at Saint Petersburg Saturday Morning Market

If you're looking for the best place to find fresh fruits and vegetables grown from local farms, the St. Petersburg Saturday Morning Market is the place you want to be. Showcasing food options from over 15 different countries, the market is a celebration of both local and global all at once. Crowds of over 10,000 people come each week to celebrate the fantastic local food scene. Not limited just to produce, vendors sell anything from seafood to salsas, cheese, pickles, ice cream, and much more. The market showcases foods and crafts from over 200 vendors every week and runs every Saturday from October to May. 

See Florida wildlife with a Serengeti Safari Tour

Celebrate the beauty of the wide open wilderness by taking a Serengeti Safari Tour right from the comforts of western Florida! Your thirty minute trip in the open back of a truck will give you plenty of chances to have up close interactions with the animals around you, and your knowledgeable guide will educate you on everything you see. Spend time with zebras, giraffes, ostriches and many more, all without the barrier of a zoo cage. This tour offers a great photo opportunity and is a trip that shouldn't be missed.

Cruise around Clearwater on a Starlite Majesty Lunch and Dinner Cruise

Get ready to enjoy a day of luxury on the shore with a stunning hour cruise with Starlite Majesty Cruises. You'll experience incredible scenery along 2-3 hour trip in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico while listening to stories about the history of the region. To cap off the glamorous adventure, the cruise line serves a delicious gourmet meal with every trip. Depending on the cruise you choose to go on, there might be after dinner dancing or even a stunning vista of inland views. Casual wardrobes are perfectly acceptable, so don't let your packing list get in the way of your good time. 


Be spooked on the Ybor City Ghost Tour

Yes, you've seen the Tampa sites. You're impressed by all the traditional tourist destinations, but now you're looking for something different. Maybe even… other-worldly? If this sounds like you, the Ybor City Ghost Tour is a tour that you should book immediately. Your knowledgeable guides will tell you spine-tingling stories about real people that used to call this city home until tragedy struck them. Be prepared to be amazed and horrified by the dark truths that will be revealed to you. Remember, it's not your guide's fault if you start to feel like you're being haunted on your tour; after all, they did try to warn you what you were getting into!

Visit the Straz Center for the Performing Arts

As the largest performing arts facility in the Southeastern United States, the Straz Center for the Performing Arts is a wonderful place to experience a wide range of world-class entertainment. From Broadway musicals to thumping rock concerts, you're sure to find a show on the Stratz Center's schedule that appeals to you. Come dance the night away on Latin Nights, or experience the wonder of a full orchestra performing just feet away. If your stay is longer, consider signing up for some of the educational classes that the Center offers, which range from beginning dance classes for toddlers to adult improv and zombie makeup lessons. 


Marvel at the Sunken Gardens

Deep in the center of St. Petersburg, the Sunken Gardens are a stunning botanical sanctuary that provide a natural respite from the bustle of the city that surrounds it. As the city's oldest living museum, the 100-year-old gardens showcase tens of thousands of gorgeous tropical plants and flowers, some of which are the oldest living tropical plants in the entire country. Winding paths, hidden forest groves, and tumbling waterfalls are just some of the amusements that will delight you and your family. At the gardens, you can learn about different tropical plants from around the world or even host a spectacular wedding or other private event. This is a space worth celebrating. 

Cross the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

You can't truly consider yourself in Tampa until you've seen the Bob Graham Sunshine Skyway Bridge (commonly called the Sunshine Skyway). This enormous suspension bridge is consistently rated one of the most impressive bridges in the world. It towers over the ocean and connects St. Petersburg to Tampa by over 21,877 feet, or about four miles. The bridge opened in 1987 and quickly become a definitive landmark for the region, making it a must-see destination for any tourist. You can drive the four miles of the bridge and enjoy the view around you of the open ocean. Just be sure to stay safe from traffic by always staying inside your car unless you are in a designated stopping area. 

See a Tampa Bay Devil Rays game at Tropicana Field

Take your whole family out to the ballgame by enjoying a perfect day at the park watching the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in action. This major league baseball team is a thrill to watch and their home Tropicana Field is a great place to spend the day. Every year the Devil Rays get closer to being a contender in the World Series, and with your support, this might be the year. Come to a game to cheer the team on and enjoy all the perks and delicious food that a ballpark has to offer. Even the non-baseball fans in your group will find something fun to enjoy. 


Cheer for your favorite stallion at Tampa Bay Downs

In search of some good old-fashioned horse racing to make your vacation complete? You won't need to look any farther than the Tampa Bay Downs, a premiere horse racetrack in Tampa which is currently the only thoroughbred racetrack on Florida's west coast. The racing season lasts from late November to early May, so book a seat if you are in town. Comfortable clothes and shoes are all that is required for regular entry, and in some places you can even bring your own cooler. Box seat visitors are requested to dress up for the occasion with semi formal clothing. For those less interested in horses, the Downs also includes a golf course, fining dining options, and frequent poker tournaments. 


Get a bird's-eye view with Tampa Bay Helicopter Tours

Get the complete picture of the Tampa Bay area by getting an aerial view of the city with a Helicopter Tour of Tampa. Your tour will last from 8 to 45 minutes and will highlight the stunning coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Depending on your tour, you'll get to fly over downtown Tampa, the Manatee River, Busch Gardens, and the open ocean. The included guide will highlight important information for you along the way, and even point out the stunning wildlife like manatees and bottlenose dolphins swimming beneath you. For a truly unforgettable experience, this tour can't be missed. 


Take a Ybor City Historic Tour

Every West Floridian agrees; there is no better way to experience the historic Ybor City than by foot. That's why the Ybor City Historic Tours are a must-do event for anyone in the area. Your guide will walk your through the city and peel back the layers of its fascinating history that make up the very fabric of the region. You'll learn about the city's long connection with Cuba and the surprising history of decades of organized crime. No matter what you thought you knew about Ybor City, you'll come away from this tour educated and amazed at the impact that such a tiny city could have on the world. 


See a real live manatee at the Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center

When the Big Bend Power Station was built in 1986, residents soon noticed that manatees were congregating near the discharge canal to revel in the warm, clean water was flowing back into the bay. It provided a warm respite for them when the ocean waters around them dipped below 68 degrees, and today the channel is a federally protected manatee sanctuary. You can enjoy the beauty of these noble creatures at the Tampa Electric Manatee Viewng Center and learn about the challenges that manatees face in the wild. As a delightful example of the man-made and the natural world coexisting together, this sanctuary is a must-see for every animal lover. 

Explore the Tampa Museum of Art

If you are an art fan, you'll need to make the Tampa Museum of Art a destination on your travel list. This state-of-the-art museum is consistently a top Tampa attraction because of its focus on art throughout the ages—everything from ancient antiquities all the way to modern and contemporary art. Established in 1979, the museum offers an opportunity to experience a highly creative environment filled with inspiring art exhibits. This is a museum you can visit again and again as the multiple temporary exhibit rooms ensure you will get a different viewing experience every time. There are also plenty of educational programs and lectures throughout the year that are suitable for both adults and children wanting to take their love of art to a deeper level. 

See a movie at the historic Tampa Theatre

If you need a break from the sun (or the nightlife) an evening at the Tampa Theatre might be just what you are looking for . This historic theater has a stunning interior that was designed to be one of America's most elaborate movie theaters. Built in 1926 by the famed architect John Eberson, the theater was originally a movie. The theater is now on the National Register of Historic Places and still plays movies daily. You can even hear the historic Wurlitzer Organ play a song before every show. 

Ride on the water with the Tampa Water Bike Company

Looking for a unique way to experience Tampa with your family? Taking a pedal-driven water bike tour with the Tampa Water Bike Company might be just the adventure you are looking for . The company's innovative water bikes are as easy to operate as riding a bike, but you'll float like a boat and stay perfectly dry throughout your trip. Through the company, you can book a tour or simply rent a water bike and start exploring the coastline yourself. You can rent the bikes on an hourly basis, and there are package deals and discounts available for large groups. Safe and fun, water bikes are easy to use for all ages. 


See the Wat Mongkolratanaram of Florida

If you're looking for a religious cultural experience, a visit to the biggest Buddhist temple in Tampa is a smart idea. Established in 1981, the Wat Mongkolratanaram of Florida is a place for Buddhist teachings and religious activities to take place to benefit the local Thai community. The temple itself is a stunning work of art designed in the traditional Thai temple style. You can visit the temple in the late morning or early afternoon and get a glimpse of southeast Asian majesty and even learn some meditation practices from the on-site monks. If you visit, remember that this Wat is a religious temple and needs to be treated with respect. 


Shoot for par at Westchase Golf Club

Located just minutes away from downtown Tampa and the airport, the Westchase Golf Club will melt your stress away as you relax amidst a towering forest of cypress trees lining the long and narrow fairways. Beautiful sprawling scenery and elusive wildlife can be found around every bend, so you can be forgiven for forgetting to keep your golf game moving. The stunning clubhouse is the perfect place to unwind or even host your next big event. You don't have to worry if you wouldn't pack all your gear with you, as a well-equipped golf store is right on the premise.


Take a guided tour of the Ybor City Museum State Park

Experience the rich natural cultural and history of Ybor City, a National Historic Landmark District. Ybor City is considered the birthplace of the cigar industry, and much of the city's growth and prominence can be attributed to this legacy. The Ybor City Museum State Park's main exhibit space is located in a Ferlita Bakery building that was built in 1923. When you walk in the museum, you can visit a “casita”, or a cigar worker's house, that is surrounded by lush Mediterranean-inspired gardens. Take a guided tour through the park with knowledgeable guides, or set off on your own to experience everything firsthand. To deepen your knowledge, you can go to a wide range of educational programs and classes that the museum offers. 

Have a beer at Yuengling

Want the chance to drink a beer produced by America's oldest craft brewery? At the Tampa-based Yuengling brewery, you can. Take a comprehensive tour that discusses how beer is made and see the real equipment that Yuengling uses for its award winning beer. Then after your tour, it's time to enter the tasting room and experience the refreshing taste of a well made craft beer for yourself. Though the beer tour is interesting for children, adults are the ones that really benefit from this fun vacation excursion. What better way to celebrate over 185 years of American craft beer tradition? 

Clearly, Tampa has a lot to offer during your stay for anyone touring the area. What are some of your favorite spots to hit in this sunny city? What top places that we missed would get a place on YOUR list? 

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