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A show in Memphis, TN is sure to be a blast. Do not miss out on great Memphis entertainment options the next time you stay in Memphis.

Memphis Shows

Playhouse On The Square    
Now if a person happens to be on vacation in the Memphis area and loves a great play, they need to make plans to visit the Shows - Playhouse On The Square. This playhouse seats over 300 people and puts on some great shows. The performers are very talented and have done great stage productions including Dreamgirls and Peter Pan. Now most of the shows there last over 2 hours, but because of the passion and performances it does not seem that long. All the productions that are put on at this playhouse are family friendly which is a great way to introduce the younger family members to live theater.
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If visiting Memphis while in the state of Tennessee, be sure to check out the Circuit Theater. The Circuit is the cousin theater of the Playhouse on the Square, a popular theater in the area and it is housed in the old location for it. The Circuit Theater has used mostly local talent to put on such shows as Junie B Jones the Musical, James and the Giant Peach, The Heathers and more. Enjoy this family friendly setting where there is sure to be something for everyone in the group. With it being a relatively small theater at only 218 seats it is used mostly for small-scale productions and it can create intimate theatrical experiences for those attending the shows.
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Theatre Works    
If you are in Memphis there are many different sightseeing events to take in. However if you love stage productions where talented actors put their heart and soul into their roles, you need to visit Theatre Works. One of the great things about their shows is that they are family friendly. The productions usually last about two hours, and those two hours are great family entertainment. Now most theater fans love the arts and by going to their shows they get the opportunity to support local actors and playwrights. So if someone is looking for an inexpensive way to have a night on the town, taking their family out to see a stage show is a classy night out on the town.
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