Lancaster, PA Cultural Attractions

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Take some time during your Lancaster, Pennsylvania vacation to experience the cultural attractions that the region offers. With The Amish Experience Theater and Country Homestead Tour Combo you get a behind the scenes look at the simpler way of living that the Amish people endure, as well as see the amazing lights and sounds of the F/X Theater.

Lancaster Cultural Attractions

This extensive Amish tour is one of the most interesting cultural attraction options to add to your Lancaster, PA area. This 3.5-hour tour provides an extensive insight into the lives of the Amish people that have lived on the Pennsylvania countryside for centuries. This tour includes a tour of the Amish Country Homestead, which is the only officially-designated Heritage Site in the country. You will explore various buildings, including gardens, a traditional school house, and an Amish phone booth. Additionally, you'll enjoy authentic demonstrations of woodworking and see an emotional Amish film caled Jacob's Choice.
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Embark upon an extensive journey through an immensely intriguing cultural attraction with a trip on the Lancaster County Amish Farmlands, Museum Tour, and Farm Visit. This in-depth adventure gives plenty of unique insight into the lives of the Amish people that inhabit the Pennsylvania countryside. During your time, you will be able to enjoy a guided tour through Amish farms, homes, and interesting buildings. See a classic one-room schoolhouse, demonstrations of woodworking and more, and even enjoy some delicious Amish-made food. This is the best way to experience the life of the Amish during your Lancaster adventuring.
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