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Alcatraz East Crime Museum Pigeon Forge

(4.7) Based on 27 reviews
2757 Parkway , Between Light 3 & 4 Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
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Alcatraz East Crime Museum Pigeon Forge
Detail Most guests spend 2-5 hours at the museum.
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Alcatraz East Crime Museum Pigeon Forge
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This was amazing. I loved the miniature animals they had. The views were amazing XYZKristin Warren - Pontotoc, MsThis was amazing. I loved the miniature animals they had. The views were amazing XYZKristin Warren - Pontotoc, MsThis was amazing. I loved the miniature animals they had. The views were amazing XYZKristin Warren - Pontotoc, MsThis was amazing. I loved the miniature animals they had. The views were amazing XYZKristin Warren - Pontotoc, Ms

The Alcatraz Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge is an interesting and unique interactive attraction to learn about the crime and its impact on history. Five separate galleries make up this intriguing museum, including A Notorious History of American Crime and Crime Fighting. These galleries contain 28 areas with over 100 interactive exhibits along with more than 500 historic artifacts that are significant to American Crime.

About the Alcatraz Crime Museum Pigeon Forge: Visit Alcatraz East Crime Museum for a Look At Interesting Exhibits & More


The Alcatraz museum Pigeon Forge was originally opened in the nation's capital, Washington D.C., with John Walsh being one of the original founders. This amazing museum is home to artifacts such as the infamous white Ford Bronco that O.J. Simpson tried to make his getaway in during the nation's most famous televised car chase, Al Capone's rosary, John Dillinger's death mask, and even a lie detector test straight from 1967! Named for the infamous prison off the coast of San Francisco, the Alcatraz East museum gives fascinating insight into the penal system, famous artifacts, crime stories, and even interactive museum displays about American crime history and topics like prison artists and original artifacts like Al Pacino's Machine Gun and getaway cars like the Bronco OJ Simpson used to run away from the police.

Alcatraz Pigeon Forge Exhibits: Browse All of the Exhibits Held at the Alcatraz Museum Pigeon Forge 

  • A Notorious History of American Crime at Pigeon Forge Alcatraz:

    This Pigeon Forge crime museum gallery highlights the evolution of crime in America and criminals throughout history, going so far back as the gunslingers from the Wild West, all the way up to modern white collar crimes. Take a look at serial killers, presidential assassinations, and more in this interesting and informative gallery.
  • Punishment Exhibit at the Crime Museum Tennessee:

    The Consequence of Crime: Peruse your way through a booking room, mug shots, lie detector test, and authentic jail cells as you discover what exactly being caught as a criminal entails. This is a look at life after being caught committing a crime and will scare anyone straight.
  • Crime Fighting Display at Crime Museum in Tennessee:

    Showcasing a wide network of crime fighting and investigatory personnel, this gallery will give you a look at the people who have worked to fight and reduce crime over the years. See how law enforcement workers have striven to keep your nation safe, and just what kind of people it takes to do so.
  • Crime Scene Investigation at Alcatraz Crime Museum Pigeon Forge:

    See how professionals from a real CSI lab are trying to solve a crime, with scientific instruments and technology, and just how far investigative technology has come over the years. Learn about methods such as facial reconstruction, fingerprint and blood analysis, and ballistics. You will see how criminal profiles and criminal intent shape investigations and even feel like real crime scene investigators as you sift through serial killer memorabilia and explore interactive displays.
  • Counterfeit Crimes & Pop Culture at Alcatraz Museum Pigeon Forge Tennessee:

    This gallery focuses on counterfeit crimes, and how they hold an impact on society and the economy. This will delve into the world of counterfeit goods, such as 'designer' handbags, bootleg films, and much more. It also delves into law enforcement and crime prevention in these cases.

There are traveling temporary exhibit displays throughout the year that keep all of the true crime info fresh and interesting, allowing those who find themselves fascinated by forensic science or crime history to keep learning something new. Some of the past displays have been dedicated to serial killer Ted Bundy and other notorious killers. Whether they are shifting through crime scene photos or exploring the artworks of incarcerated artists, they are sure to have an interesting time.

The East Alcatraz crime museum Pigeon Forge is named for Alcatraz Prison, one of the most infamous prisons in the world. Located on the Island in Pigeon Forge, it is a fitting name!

The Alcatraz East Pigeon Forge Museum is the perfect destination for visitors who love a good crime story, prison art, historians, exploring American history, or even people who simply grew up seeing a lot of these crimes unfold. Don't pass up this interesting and fun way to learn about American Crime and its harrowing stories. Get your Alcatraz tickets Pigeon Forge and experience the Alcatraz East Crime Museum the next time you are in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! Find other things to do in the area as well and book your hotel in the area to create a memorable getaway in the Pigeon Forge / Gatlinburg area. gatlinburg crime museum crime museum gatlinburg

 4.7   |    27 reviews
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Michael Dublin
California, PA
Verified Traveler

"..loved seeing Oj 's bronco"
Really cool museum loved seeing oj 's bronco
White Bronco at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum
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Brian Combs
Raven, KY
Verified Traveler

"Very interesting and educational"
Very interesting and educational
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Katie Westgate
Hohenwald, TN
Verified Traveler

" much information about criminals"
My husband enjoyed this the most they had ton of plaques that gave u so much information about criminals. The museum had a very nice area about 9/11.
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Linda Stanley
Rocky Mountain, VI
Verified Traveler

"Very good exhibits.."
We spent 3 hours and could have stayed another 2. Very good exhibits, tasteful and informative. Good for all ages as well.
Tip: Take photos! The setups are great and so is the one you purchase from the professionals.
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  • Approximately how long could a customer plan to spend at Alcatraz East Crime Museum?
    Guests spend about 2 - 5 hours here.
  • What amenities are available?
    There is a concession area for snacks and drinks and gift shop.
  • Is Alcatraz East Crime Museum handicap accessible?
  • Is photography & video recording allowed?
  • For what ages is Alcatraz East Crime Museum appropriate?
    Great for all ages.