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The following activities include admission to South Lake Tahoe near Lake Tahoe:
Lake Tahoe Circle Tour Including Squaw Valley Photo
4/30/2024 - 11/5/2024
Embark on an enchanting exploration of Lake Tahoe and its surroundings with the Lake Tahoe Circle Tour, including a visit to the famously scenic Squaw Valley.
The following tours go by South Lake Tahoe near Lake Tahoe:
Tahoe Lake Tour Photo
5/24/2024 - 10/14/2024
Welcome aboard the Tahoe Lake Tours, tied inextricably to the mesmerizing beauty of Lake Tahoe, California.
Zephyr Cove Tour Photo
4/19/2024 - 12/31/2024
First stop, Zephyr Cove Tour in Lake Tahoe, California, where excitement meets nature's charm.
Perched on the southern edge of the majestic Lake Tahoe in California, South Lake Tahoe attracts visitors with its breathtaking mountain landscapes, shimmering blue waters and immense outdoor recreational opportunities.

The perfect year-round destination, its charm lies in the blend of stunning natural beauty, the thrill of various outdoor pursuits, and a vibrant nightlife, all encapsulated in the serene calmness of a lake area. Whether it's a thirst for adventure, a dose of tranquility, or a love of nature, South Lake Tahoe promises to be the perfect destination for every kind of traveler.

South Lake Tahoe came into existence during the mid-1800s, during the days of the Gold Rush. Initially slated as a mining outpost, it was the mesmerizing beauty of the lake that began to lure visitors, transforming it into a leisure and recreational hotspot. Today, it sprawls over 16.6 square miles, providing visitors with an expansive playground of nature's best offerings. The sprawling Heavenly Mountain Resort well-renowned for its skiing and snowboarding experiences, and the Emerald Bay State Park, declared as a National Natural Landmark, are part of South Lake Tahoe's bounty.

South Lake Tahoe's intuitive blend of natural offerings is a highlight in itself. The Heavenly Mountain Resort, one of its crown jewels, is widely renowned for its winter sports. It welcomes visitors with pristine, powdery snow slopes that promise adrenaline-rushing skiing and snowboarding experiences. In contrast, visitors seeking tranquility can explore Emerald Bay State Park, home to the historic Scandinavian-style mansion, Vikingsholm. Along with its stunning architecture, Emerald Bay offers trails leading to remarkable vista points and tranquil waterfalls.

Add to this the excitement of paddle boarding or kayaking in the glimmering Lake Tahoe, or hiking and biking on surrounding trails designed for all skill levels. The Tahoe Rim Trail and Mount Tallac Trail are particularly noteworthy draws, offering heart-stopping views from their high vantage points. After a day of thrill and excitement, the neon lights of the casinos beckon visitors to a vibrant nightlife full of entertainment and cuisine from all across the globe.

In conclusion, the allure of South Lake Tahoe resides in its multifarious offerings. Adventure-seekers, serenity-seekers, nature lovers, history buffs and those keen on nightlife, can all find something to claim as their own in this beautiful, blessed region. As one soaks in panoramic views of the lake and mountains, the bliss of the moment echoes the timeless appeal of this magnificent destination. With its tapestry of experiences, South Lake Tahoe encapsulates an ideal vacation, making it a must-visit point of interest.

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