Liz E.
Meet our editor.

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and have been living in Missouri since I was about four. Like most children, I went through a stage where I tended to correct people, especially where grammar was concerned. While I eventually gained more tact in dealing with people, I never really grew out of being bothered by incorrect grammar and conjugation. So, it was to the surprise of no one that I turned my grammar nazi tendencies into a career working with the written word.

I graduated from the University of Central Missouri in 2011 (go Mules!) with a degree in journalism and a minor in Spanish. I’ve been with Vacations Made Easy since June 2014 and have been working as an Editor for the BLT since September 2015. Before that, however, I did a lot of odd jobs including working as a reporter, staff writer, and a professional blogger at various companies and publications. I’ve written on everything from court cases to concert reviews, GPS satellites, and even homesteading.

When I’m not debating the use of commas or guzzling coffee, I can usually be found curled up somewhere with a cat on my lap and a notebook full of scribbles and drawings. My hobbies include writing, attending the theatre, drinking tea, and singing along with the radio. I love bright colors, lively debates about pointless topics, and taking walks in the rain.

My goals are to help the BLT get to one million subscribers, and I also hope to travel more. I really want to see Yellowstone National Park, Seattle, San Diego, and London, England at some point.

I love hearing from our BLT readers, so if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to send me an email!


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