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New York City Festivals With The Fest For Beatles Fans

A growing phenomenon since its appearance in Rolling Stone Magazine in the 1970s, this 3-day festival for all that is Beatles, formerly called BeatleFest, began in 1974 after Mark Lapidos, a huge Beatles fan had the idea. His premonition that it would be popular was quite understated. Over the years the attendance has escalated and thousands of people attend every year. Since John Lennon himself gave his enthusiastic blessing for the weekend convention to take place in 1974, the event has remained true to its own tradition by hosting a charity raffle with original Beatles items, and providing live music, look alike contests, cover bands, auctions, art contests, special guest speakers, film presentations, and an open market for Beatles memorabilia.

The Giant International Beatles Marketplace:

Beatles fans from across the country flock into the designated city, bringing their own Beatles items, some for appraisal by the in-house expert, and some for sale at auction, or others just to show to their fellow festival-goers, many of which are regulars at these events. On the last two days of the festival, nearly 100 tables overflowing with Beatles items flank the walls of each convention, inviting everyone to look for what is missing in their personal collections. Artwork, recordings, posters, photographs, books, videos and more special items wait to be found.

Special Guests at The Fest:

You never know who they will bring in each year. Authors, photographers, publishers, and musicians who worked with or loved the Beatles are always in attendance. Previous guests have included Ringo's guitarist, Gary Burr, his producer Mark Hudson, Paul McCartney's photographer, Bill Bernstein, former lead guitarist in Wings, Laurence Juber, Billy Joel's horn player, Mark Rivera, Beatles promotional manager, Tony Bramwell, Emmy award winning newsman Larry Kane, and more.


Live Music and the Friday Night Dance Party

An enthusiastic open for the weekend of celebration, this late-night bash usually starts around 9 pm and ends in the early hours. Beatles tribute bands are generally featured, such as Liverpool, that play all Beatles music. A costume contest livens the crowd as everyone gets their chance to wear the best 60's or 70's costume. Join in the dress-up or just enjoy the creativity of others, mingled with favorite Beatles hits played in the background.

Beatles Museum and Art Contest

One of the standard favorite events at the festival, the museum exhibits nearly half a century of Beatles events, photography, and artwork. This is a fascinating showcase of talent and memories. And for some art-filled fun, the art contest brings original art from guests and convention attendees together as a tribute to the Beatles. Winners are picked and everyone enjoys the anticipation and creativity put into the pieces.

Beatles Sound-Alike Contest and Battle of the Bands

On the second day of the festival individuals and duos who have signed up ahead of time will compete to win various prizes for the best Beatles impressions. Battle of the Bands has tryouts initially on the same day, and then the finalists play the main stage that evening. Whomever is interested need only sign up by the designated deadline for that year's festival, which is usually a week or two before the festival starts.

Beatles Trivia Game Show

Test your Beatles knowledge at the daily trivia game shows, where speed is the key. Contestant are chosen out of the audience and put to the test in front of all their piers. So be ready and willing when you observe this game.

Entertainment for Kids:

Beatles Puppet Show

Every day of the festival Bob Abdou is shaking things up with his over-stuffed friends. Appropriate for all ages, this show promises loads of fun and audience participation with the look-alike puppets. Be sure and check with the festival schedule for all event times, because you don?t want to miss one thing!       

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