Dollywood Theme Park Tennessee

Dollywood Theme Park Tennessee

2700 Dollywood Parks Boulevard Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
Detail Most guests spend approximately 4-9 hours at the park.
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Located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge, Dollywood is a 150-acre family destination and ranks among the “best of the best” in theme parks for Best Shows, Best Food, Best Christmas Event, Best New Ride for Wild Eagle, and Friendliest Park!

Dollywood showcases world-renowned rides, celebrated live stage shows, and authentic demonstrating crafters. Whether you want to soar through the air on a roller coaster or enjoy the sounds of your favorite music, Dollywood offers it all, in one of the world’s most unique and beautiful settings. Add to your visit delicious dining and one-of-kind attractions, and Dollywood offers countless hours to make the most of your visit.

Depending on the time of year, Dollywood hosts major festivals that welcome visiting performers to the park. Springtime offers Festival of Nations, an international celebration of music, dance and song. Late May offer Barbeque & Bluegrass, delicious barbeque smoked on site served alongside free concerts by the biggest names in bluegrass. Autumn offers National Southern Gospel & Harvest Celebration, with free gospel concerts and visiting crafters. Celebrate the holidays at Dollywood’s award-winning Smoky Mountain Christmas festival, with four million lights, spectacular Christmas show, and amazing food. And don’t forget, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, Dollywood’s Splash Country Water Park offers water adventure, from mild to wild, including Tennessee’s first water coaster, RiverRush, opening in May 2013.


Chasing Rainbows– What does an entertainment legend do with countless awards, elaborate costumes, and priceless artifacts? If you’re Dolly, you share them with your fans in this state-of-the-art interactive museum. A variety of exhibits let you explore Dolly’s life and career.
Eagle Mountain Sanctuary– This 30,000-square-foot aviary houses the country’s largest presentation of non-releasable bald eagles. Get a rare glimpse of some of nature’s most impressive birds of prey in this beautiful mountain setting as members of the American Eagle Foundation interact with these spectacular animals.
Tennessee Mountain Home– A replica of Dolly’s two-room childhood home in Locust Ridge.
Robert F. Thomas Chapel– Step inside this one-room country church where the simple wooden pews and hardwood floors echo with the sounds of families and neighbors gathering for Sunday morning worship. Join us at our chapel—named in honor of the doctor who delivered little Dolly Rebecca Parton—for services each Sunday at 11:30 a.m. (regular operating season) or 5:30 p.m. (Christmas season).
Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame– Tour this fascinating facility and learn about the pioneers who took this popular music to audiences around the world. See how the legends of Southern gospel music paved the way for today's artists who have devoted themselves to ensuring the legacy of this genre that got its start in the church.

Thrill Rides

Wild Eagle– Come experience the first wing coaster in America, where riders soar 21 stories above Dollywood at a top speed of 61 miles per hour! Riders experience the sensation of flying with nothing above or below them on this amazing journey through the Smoky Mountains.
Mystery Mine– A 1,811-foot track travels through an abandoned coal mine where uncertain encounters and amazing maneuvers await, including a hair-raising 95-degree, 85-foot vertical drop that plunges into darkness!
Thunderhead– Travel between two mountains, through the tall trees, and across the rugged terrain of the Smokies on this daring ride. This wooden coaster boasts a top speed of 55 mph and a breathtaking 100-foot drop.
Barnstormer– Enjoy the same breathtaking moments that daring stunt pilots of the 1920s might have experienced as they zoomed over the fields of nearby farms. The Barnstormer features two pendulum arms with seating for 32 riders. Seated back to back, riders travel progressively higher on each swing of the Barnstormer’s massive arms, reaching a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour and 230 degrees of rotation. At its peak, the Barnstormer reaches a staggering 81 feet in the air!
Tennessee Tornado– Experience what it feels like to land inside a tornado on this triple spiral-looping roller coaster. Riders will experience speeds of 70 mph, and ride through a mountain!
Blazing Fury- This adrenaline-pumping indoor roller coaster ride will take guests on a ride to try and escape the raging inferno that is engulfing the 1880s town that the coaster is held in. See firefighters, gunslingers, and damsels in distress on this ride.
Dizzy Disk- This amazing ride will have riders sit in outward-facing seats that glide back and forth along a track as the disk holding all of the seats also spins around. Be sure to hold off on the eating and snacking prior to riding this!
Drop Line- This drop tower ride is unlike any other. At 230-feet high, this ride will take riders up to the top, and as it descends, the gondola in which the guests are seated spins around the tower, providing one-of-a-kind views of the Great Smoky Mountains. This tower will drop at speeds of rough 77 mph!
FireChaser Express- This thrilling ride will take passengers on a journey celebrating the brave souls that work to fight blazes and be heroes. This dual-launch roller coaster will launch you forward and backward with great vigor.
Sky Zip- This exciting zip line will take riders on a tour of the Great Smoky Mountains and provide them with views never before experienced. Go on up to four treks that range from 550-feet to almost 815-feet. Make your way across the 100-foot swinging bridge high above the ground for even more fun! Travel from zip to zip along an elevated and inclined high wire!
Waltzing Spinner- Climb into a double-seater swing with one of your favorite people, and spin around as the ride takes you up to 25-feet above the County Fair! This is a perfect ride for those who don't want too much adrenaline pumping through them at once.

Water Rides

River Battle– Travel along a 500-foot channel in a water raft equipped with soaker guns as you take aim at over 100 targets including bears, skunks, beavers, otters, and more. Not only will you be able to soak the other passengers, but you can also soak observers while your raft splashes along the course.
Mountain Slidewinder– Situated in an authentic Smoky Mountain setting, you’ll climb through mountain terrain to board this water toboggan thriller. Mountain Slidewinder slides down the mountainside along high-banked curves at breathtaking speeds.
Daredevil Falls– Only a real daredevil will venture into an abandoned logging camp for a one-of-a-kind boat expedition. Our adventurous guides help you navigate through close calls with the bears and the old left-behind lumber machinery. But, just when you catch your breath, your boat careens over a waterfall down a 60-foot drop at a heart-racing 60 mph!
Smoky Mountain River Rampage– Experience one of the Great Smoky Mountain's most popular sports on this white water rafting adventure full of exciting dips, twists and turns along the way. No two excursions are the same, but each one promises a good soaking for all who dare to brave the rapids.

Children's Rides

Busy Bees– Our 'busy bees' are all a buzz with fun and excitement! Ride along as the 'bumble bee' cars fly 'round and 'round.
Lumber Jack Lifts– Two 30-foot-tall towers await passengers who can “pull” the ropes, lifting the cars as high as 25 feet in the air. By securing the cable, passengers can take in the view of Timber Tower. Or, if you dare, release the cable for an exciting but “kid friendly” free fall!
Lucky Ducky– Everyone's a winner on our Lucky Ducky ride where all the cute 'duck' cars travel in a circle of fun.
Piggy Parade– A larger-than-life scarecrow keeps a watchful eye on the Piggy Parade as the adorable 'piggy' cars travel in a circle of fun.
Lemon Twist– Nine 'lemon cups' revolve around the pitcher in the center. The lemon twist is the perfect ride for little ones who are thirsty for adventure.
Amazing Flying Elephants- This ride is set in elephant themed cars that will take you up in the air to spin around for a spectacular adventure, making this ride perfect for the kiddos!
The Pig Pen- This amazing children's play area is filled with fun and frolic for the smallest ones in your group. This is set on the Owens Farm, where children can play around on the playset and splash in the pop-jet water fountains.
Firehouse Fun Yard- This amazing interactive play area is perfect for the smallest ones traveling with you, being made solely for children under 48 inches tall. This is filled with pop-jet water features, a soft-play structure with slides and blocks, block table, and a chalkboard coloring wall.
Holly Jolly Junction- During the Christmas season, guests can visit the Holly Jolly Junction to meet Rudolph and friends, create a Christmas souvenir, and decorate Christmas cookies before playing in reindeer games. Guests can also step into a giant snow globe to be next to Sam the Snowman.
Lil' Pilots Playground- Children 48 inches and under are able to explore and venture along a 22-foot by 16-foot wooden bi-plane to learn how to be an experienced pilot! Also located here are a one-of-a-kind drum set and a slide, along with numerous other fascinating structures.
Shooting Star- A drop ride for the kiddies, this will have riders sitting with their legs dangling off of the ride as it makes its way to the top. Once they've reached the top, the ride will make a thrilling, but not scary descent back to the ground. This is definitely something that the kids will love!
Sky Rider- This ride will take the guests 70-feet above the ground in a plane-style seat that gives the riders the ability to pilot the rudders as it spins around the frame.

Family Rides

Dollywood Express– An authentic 110-ton coal-fired steam engine takes you on a breathtaking five-mile journey through the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.
Rockin' Roadway– Take a cruise in a classic Cadillac, Thunderbird, or even a Corvette along a picturesque country road.
Wonder Wheel– It's one of the Midway's most magical rides, at 60-feet, it towers high above the Country Fair skyline at Dollywood.
Village Carousel– There's nothing more nostalgic than a carousel ride, and Dollywood's carousel features 60 beautifully painted animals
Whistle Punk Chaser- This junior roller coaster is perfect for everyone in the family, with twists and turns that are similar to what they would experience in a larger roller coaster.
Demolition Derby- Bumper cars that will have the whole family rolling with laughter and smiling uncontrollably. This ride is one that guests can drive their cars into one another and get a surprising little jolt when doing it!
Scrambler- This ride will have guests seated in multi-seater box seats, as well as spinning and shuffling around in such a way that will require them to stand for a moment before regaining their footing. Perfect for the whole family, you and the kiddos are sure to have a massive amount of fun on this exciting ride.

Shows and Events

Country Crossroads– A cast of six performers highlights a variety of musical styles including traditional, classic and contemporary sounds that continue to shape today's country music.
Dolly’s Imagination Playhouse– Watch as the Penguin Players bring three of your favorite storybooks, including The Little Engine That Could, to life in lively 20-minute musicals filled with sing-along songs, including music written by Dolly!
Dolly’s Family Reunion– It’s more than just her songs as Dolly’s relatives share touching stories about growing up with the superstar in this loving tribute to Dolly and her music.
Dreamland Drive-In– Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane at Dreamland Drive-In. Chart-topping hits of the '50s and '60s are on the menu in Dollywood's musical review.
Gem Tones– Five friends bring their own blend of musical fun to the streets and sidewalks of Jukebox Junction with the best of the '50s and ‘60s music performed by this multi-award-winning group.
Heartsong– Sit back and view a multi-sensory film about the Great Smoky Mountains.
Kingdom Heirs– It is southern gospel music at its finest as Dollywood's own award-winning quartet the Kingdom Heirs lift your spirits with beautiful four-part harmonies as they sing ageless gospel standards along with their own chart-topping hits.
Smoky Mountain String Band– Smoky Mountain String Band fills the air with the beautiful strains of authentic mountain music performed by this entertaining trio.
The Gazillion Bubbles Show– Bubbles aren't just for the bathtub anymore as The Gazillion Bubble Show takes the stage in an interactive bubble world filled with lasers, spectacular lighting effects, and jaw-dropping masterpieces of bubble artistry.
Wings of America Birds of Prey– Some of Dollywood’s most captivating performers don’t sing or dance—they soar! Get an up-close look and some fascinating facts as these amazing birds of prey are present.
Miss Lillian- The proprietress of Miss Lillian's Smokehouse and Fried Chicken, this splendid character walks around the park sharing stories from Dolly's Imagination Library.
Live at the Back Porch- Between April 12 and October 15, guests of Dollywood can catch a live performance of some of America's greatest chart-topping hits in a show at the Back Porch.
My People!- This show focuses on and showcases the musicians that have inspired Dolly on her journey to stardom from her humble Locust Ridge, TN upbringings. Featuring her brother and sister, this is a show where songs about the family's strong faith and deep love for the Great Smoky Mountains are shared.
Great Pumpkin LumiNights- A new addition to the park, this area is run during the fall season and will be one of the greatest parts of the Dollywood fall festival. Featuring artists sculptures, and silly scenes alongside entertaining family fun.
Southern Gospel Jubilee Praise 96.3 Stage- Visit the Back Porch Stage Theater to listen to wonderful harmonies of beloved gospel music.
Southern Gospel Jubilee Singing News Stage- The stages at the Valley Theater and Showstreet Palace Theater celebrates wonderful gospel music harmonized in beautiful ways.
Appalachian Christmas- An acoustic Christmas located on the Back Porch Theater. Loads of great Christmas classics played with a beautiful acoustic touch.
Christmas in the Smokies- This is Dollywood's musical Christmas tradition featuring a 14-member cast that celebrates holiday favorites that contain the joy of the Christmas season.
Christmas with the Kingdom Heirs- A Southern gospel Christmas with the Kingdom Heirs performing hymns and songs that keep you thinking of the Christmas season.
Dolly's Christmas Chapel- The Robert F. Thomas Chapel has worship services at 5:30 PM every Sunday evening during the holiday season.
It's a Wonderful Life- This Christmas classic is performed live for guests during the Christmas festival at Dollywood.
Meet Rudolph and His Friends- During the Christmas festival at Dollywood, guests can meet the well-known reindeer and his friends.
MistleTones- A ladies a capella quartet that performs traditional Christmas tunes with a new twist to them.
O' Holy Night- The classic Christmas story is told Dollywood style at the Valley Theater during the holiday season.
Parade of Many Colors- This exciting new holiday tradition takes place on Showstreet and is perfect for families wanting to celebrate the holidays in a colorful manner.
'Twas the Night Before Christmas- A family experiences their own Christmas miracle after meeting a mysterious white-bearded stranger.


The Backstage Restaurant– All-you-care-to-eat breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets featuring Southern cuisine.
Granny Ogle's Ham 'n' Beans– Ham ‘n’ beans are a southern dinner tradition, and we like to serve them up with a skillet of fresh-baked cornbread. Add coleslaw, sliced onions and you've got yourself a country feast.
Miss Lillian's Chicken House– All-you-care-to-eat buffet dining featuring fried chicken, country-fried steak, rotisserie chicken and all the fixin’s served alongside the antics of the colorful Miss Lillian.
Hickory House BBQ– Award-winning pork barbecue platter and our famous smoked turkey legs.
BIG SKILLET™ Tater Patch– The aroma of red bliss potatoes sautéed with green peppers and onions topped with warm cheddar cheese and chili, draw you to the tater patch.
Crossroads Funnel Cakes– Funnel cakes, toppings, and fresh berries and cream.
Dogs 'n’ Taters– Corn Dogs, hot dogs, chili dogs, and tater swirls.
Frosted Nuts– Almonds, pecans, and cashews with a cinnamon glaze.
Grandstand Café– Favorite fair foods and a signature one-third-pound chili cheese dog.
Hickory House Campfire Cookout– Fried bologna sandwiches, hot dogs, taters, and bacon.
Lumber Jack’s Pizza– Home of the 12-pound pizza!
Market Square– Cheese steak sandwich, smoked sausage, and more.
Midway Concessions– Cotton candy, cookies, buttered popcorn, more fair treats.
Miss Lillian’s BBQ Corner– Barbeque on the go.
PaPaw’s Flat Bread– Famous flat bread sandwiches straight from the BIG SKILLET™.
Pork Rinds– Fresh pork rinds in original or barbecue flavor.
Red’s Drive-In– Cheeseburgers, fries, milkshakes and more.
Sausage Works– Smoked sausage from the BIG SKILLET™.
Sit & Sip– Sit and enjoy frozen lemonade, tea, popcorn, pickles, and cookies.
Splinter’s– Funnel cakes, floats, berries & cream, and more treats.
Spotlight Bakery– Fresh-baked pastries, cookies, pies, bread and much more.
Sweet Shoppe– Eleven flavors of ice cream, a variety of candy, soups, and Paninis.
Valley Lemonade– Fresh-squeezed lemonade.
Victoria’s Pizza– Delicious pizza in a charming restaurant.
And more! 

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We had a wonderful time at dollywood. It is a lot more slow paced than disney! I brought my 3 year old grandson and his parents for a vacation this past june. He talked for weeks that mamaw and ethan were going to ride the train, wooo, wooo! He was so excited and it was everything he had hoped for. The guys were awesome with him and we got pictures. As they are going back in september i got them season passes. I just wish i could be there to see him and his parents have another great time.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Linda - Bowling Green, KY
My husband and i have been to pigeon forge for our honeymoon and our 1st anniversary. We decided to come down for our 2nd anniversary this july and go to dollywood. It was our first visit to dollywood and we had a great time. We really enjoyed the different shows we attended including the kingdom heirs quartet. They had a young man who is 15 years old playing the piano and he was great along with the quartet. It was just great! We both needed to use the powerwheel chair's to get around such a big place and they we fantastic for transportation around the park. The staff we talked with were all great too! Thanks for making our 1st trip to dollywood so nice!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Kelly Simpson - Huntington, WV
We have been going to pigeon forge since i was a child & i'm now 43 years old. I now take my grandchildren as my parents took my children all these years. It is the best environment for kids my yougest daughter is now 21 & she will tell you dollywood & pigeon forge is her favor vacation spot. If you haven't gone take your family you will enjoy the atmosphere.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Tracy Paves - Port Huron Mi
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