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The image shows an elegantly set historical dining room with a large oval table, glassware, a fireplace, traditional furniture, a portrait painting on the wall, and two windows allowing in natural light.

The New York Renaissance Faire at Sterling Forest in Tuxedo, Ny

The New York Renaissance Faire, in Tuxedo, New York, is the king of all renaissance fairs.

Throughout the NY Renaissance Faire, there will be theater acts, a marketplace, food, games, and more. If this sort of thing interest you at all, and even if it doesn't, you won't want to miss all the medieval action going on at the Renaissance Fair NY in Tuxedo, New York.

Entertainment at the Renaissance Fair NY

  • "The Tales of Robin Hood" - These tales will be woven throughout the day. Visitors will see scuffles between the Merry Men and the villain, the Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • "The Queen's Progress"
  • Each year, the Renaissance Fair Tuxedo NY presents a full Shakespearean production. This year's is yet to be announced.
  • "Stewart & Arnold: Son and Father Knifethrowing"
  • "Earthquest's Birds of Prey"
  • "Dexter Tripp's Thrill Show"
  • Throughout the fair, visitors will find musicians and interactive characters.
  • "Royal Joust" - At the end of the day, there will be a joust featuring mounted knights in a tournament combat.
  • And many more.


The New York Renaissance Faire features more than 100 artisans and skilled craftsmen, who display and sell their unique goods. The NY Renaissance Fair also offers many demonstrations throughout the day on glass blowing, iron forging, clothing creation, and more.

  • Armor / Weaponry
  • Candles
  • Chain Maile
  • Clothing / Costumes
  • Costume Rentals
  • Drinking Vessels
  • Footwear
  • Forged Iron
  • Glass / Pottery
  • Hair / Body Art
  • Jewelry
  • Kids / Games / Toys
  • Leather
  • Musical Instruments
  • Perfumes / Incense / Soaps
  • Pewter
  • Psychics
  • Sculpture
  • Souvenirs
  • Specialties
  • Wood


  • The Gate House - Ice cream, cookies, mimosas, orange juice, champagne.
  • Chocolate Castle - Chocolate, candies, chocolate-dipped fruits, cakes, pastries, yogurt.
  • Fox & Hounds Tavern - Beer, hard cider, wines, soda, water, tea, lemonade.
  • Spende Penny Delights - Ice cream, floats, ices, orange juice, soft pretzels.
  • Little John's Forest Inn - Turkey legs, gyros, veggie delights, french fries, fish & chips, red beans & rice, soup & stew in bread bowls.
  • Village Green Inn - Steak-on-a-stake, sausage-on-a-stick, spinach pye, stuffed spuds, italian ices, cheesecake-on-a-stick, five-cheese pye.
  • Real Falafel - Falafel, schwarma, tabouli, baba ganesh, hummus salad, lamb & vegetable, shish-kebab, feta salad, middle eastern salad, fresh squeezed lemonade, fresh brewed iced tea.
  • Ploughman's Inn - Beer, hard cider, wines, soda, water, tea, lemonade.
  • Regal Repast - Pizza, panserotti, turkey legs, beef & chicken fajitas, garden vegetable pyres, onion rings, apple dumplings, churros, cheese bread, seville sandwiches, french fries, fried cheese, coffee, milk.
  • King George's Garden - Fruit bowls, salads, fruit-kebab, veggie & cheese platter, pasta salad, caramel apple treat, fruit smoothies.
  • Boar's Den - Boar platter, boar sandwich, chicken platter, onion blossom, corn, dragon wing chips, baked beans.
  • Water Garden Delights - Ice cream, floats, mimosas, orange juice, cookies, brownies, soft pretzels.
  • Joust Pub - Beer, hard cider, wine, mead, soda, water, tea, lemonade.
  • Lady Maidens Popcorn - Popcorn, rock candy, roasted peanuts.
  • Drake's Drynks - Soda and water.
  • Cappuccino Circle - Funnel cake, cheesecake-on-a-stick, fruit smoothies, coffee, milk, hot chocolate, cappuccino, iced coffee.
  • Matty Grove's Tavern - Beer, hard cider, mead, soda, water, tea, lemonade.
  • Hawker's Crossing Tavern - Beer, hard cider, mead, soda, water, tea, lemonade.
  • Gaming Glen Tavern - Beer, hard cider, mead, soda, water, tea, lemonade.
  • Swan Circle Delights - Soft pretzels, ice cream, ices, cappuccino, espresso, pastries, knishes.
  • Ye Rusty Knife - Beer, hard cider, mead, soda, water, tea, lemonade.
  • Magellan's Last Stand - Pizza, grilled sausage sandwich, eggplant sandwich, french fries, onion rings, fried cheese, fried mushrooms, baked apple dumpling, three-layer chocolate cake, fried dough, funnel cakes, flavored snow, fruit smoothies, lemonade, tea, coffee, iced coffee.
  • Merryman's Inn - Beer, hard cider, mead, soda, water, tea, lemonade.
  • Strolling Carts: Pickles, Italian ices, roasted peanuts, popcorn.


  • Archery, Knife Throwing, Axe Throwing, Star Throwing, Test O'Srength, Dart Toss, Push Penny, Leapin' Lizards, Nyne Pins, Chinese Crossbows, Sheepchuckers, Bean Bag Toss, and Skee Ball.


  • Dragon Swing, Bedlam Barrel, Crow's Nest, Carousel, and Dream Boats.

Print this list off, so you know where to go at the Renaissance Fair Tuxedo NY to get your favorite treats, what games you could be joining in on, and much more. The Renaissance Fair NY is not only huge, but absolutely amazing. The NY Renaissance Faire has even been called the Disney World of Medieval Faires. If you want to travel back in time in modern New York, the New York Renaissance Faire should be at the top of your list. renaissance fair sterling NY renaissance fair tuxedo new york sterling forest renaissance fair

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