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2-Hour Guided Walking Tour in The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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2-Hour Guided Walking Tour in The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Detail Duration: 2 hours
2-Hour Guided Walking Tour in The Metropolitan Museum of Art Schedule Schedule
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The whole journey begins from a helipad located in Downtown Manhattan. The helicopter will lift you over the Hudson River, and as the city falls away beneath you, expect to see the green expanse of Central Park, the iconic Empire State Building, and the interconnected web of streets. The tour also includes sweeping views of the Colgate Clock, Wall Street, the World Trade Center, and many others, before it concludes, all too soon, at the starting point.

Over the years, the Manhattan Helicopter Sightseeing Tour has stood as a symbol offering a unique perspective of the city that never sleeps. Proudly boasting a 5-star safety record, the tour is an amazing opportunity to capture the essence of this fabulous city in a quick, yet memorable, manner. Former participants often speak of the thrill of watching the city unfurl beneath them and the surreal experience of seeing the city's jewels from up close, so high in the sky.

In conclusion, the Manhattan Helicopter Sightseeing Tour is not just about sightseeing but experiencing New York City from a unique, elevated perspective. From the historical Statue of Liberty to the lush greenery of Central Park and the urban buzz of Times Square, this tour encapsulates everything that defines NYC, in just 15 minutes. You will not just see but feel the pulse of the city mingling with the wind. So why wait? Put on your adventure cap and book yourself a seat on this delightful aerial adventure. As you soar over the city, you'll understand why this tour is considered as one of the top ways to view and experience the city's grandeur and magnificence.

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