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Tom Lee Park in Memphis, TN

Tom Lee Park is the perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty of the Memphis area and continually hosts a number of large-scale events in the area.

Running for about a mile and a half along the banks of the Mississippi River, there are few places to go for a better view of this historical river. The Mississippi River isn't the only big attraction the park offers though. Throughout the year there are also a number of large scale events, such as barbecue contests and jazz festivals that always bring out a friendly atmosphere and spark a great time at the park.

The park is fittingly named after area resident Tom Lee. It is said Tom Lee rowed a small boat through the currents of the Mississippi to save victims of a sinking steamboat, despite his inability to swim. Whether you're visiting the park for a day of outdoor fun, for one of its many festivals or simply to pay tribute to Tom Lee,  you're sure to find a great experience waiting.

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Very interesting story!
Cathie -
Very interesting story!
Cathie -
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