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Cades Cove near Nashville, TN

You will find thousands of acres of grasslands to 5000 ft. peaks and balds surrounding this beautiful area.

The History of early pioneers in the 1800’s that settled this land is sure to amaze anyone. Even how this beautiful place was even discovered, and farmed in a time when people were and had to be self-sufficient. Information and a tour guide are available at the ranger's station & the Cades Cove Campground Store to the left of the entrance to the Cades Cove Loop Road.

Cades Cove Tennessee has many other forms of wildlife like wild turkeys, wild hogs, coyotes, fox, river otters as well as bobcats. The Smokies support a large number of bobcats and most people don't even know they are around. They are a very elusive animal and do most of their roaming at night. Consider it a very special treat to see a bobcat in the wild or to hear one scream at night. It is something that will probably only happen once in a lifetime!

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Nature at its best...wild and tour guided! The chance to hear the scream of a bobcat would be some kind of memory to take home with me...
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