Skiing Options Abound in the Snow Capped State of Utah

Featuring crisp air, looming mountain ranges and deep river valleys, the lands of Utah offer skiers a blanketed paradise. From the Rocky Mountains to the Winter Olympics, Utah and the Salt Lake City area have long been noted for their great ski options. And whether you'd prefer to attack the slopes in secluded comfort, pamper yourself with a resort setting or mingle amidst Salt Lake City itself during your ski vacation, there are numerous stays available for nearly every type of traveler. Below, we've highlighted some of Utah's more popular areas and what they have to offer their visitors in terms of a unique and enjoyable ski experience.

Skiing in Park City, Utah

As one of the two major resorts in Utah (the other being Moab), Park City offers a small town feel complete with a pristine resort environment. Over 100 separate trails are featured throughout Park City's ski area, ranging from novice to professional, for a time of skiing that can perfectly fit any skill level. And what's more, guests will find options for tubing, snowboarding, golf and dog sledding as well! If you're looking for quality skiing in the wilderness of Utah without giving up any modern amenities, then Park City may be just the setting for you.

Skiing at Snowbird in Utah

Not even a town, Snowbird is a resort setting that can provide skiers with an inclusive time of winter fun. Snowbird features 89 separate runs throughout the area, and just as with Park City guests will find a wide range of difficulty levels to ensure that every visitor is challenged without being over their heads. And just as with Park City, guests will find an overload of modern amenities - though they'll be packed into a much smaller density at Snowbird. In total, dining, shopping, movies and even ice skating are all viable alternatives to skiing while visiting the area, helping to ensure that you never become burnt out during your stay. And if the many amenities of Snowbird aren't enough, those staying in the Snowbird area will find themselves just minutes from Salt Lake City as well.

Skiing in Salt Lake City, UT

While there are no skiing options in the actual city of Salt Lake, it can serve as a great central hub when visiting the many ski options in Utah. Alta, Brighton, Park City, Snowbird, Solitude and The Canyons are all just minutes from Salt Lake City, with each offering its own unique skiing challenges, and views of Utah. Aside from its preferential proximity in regards to the many ski resorts, Salt Lake City also offers a bonafide city setting for those that would rather return to civilization after their long day of hitting the slopes, and features a variety of non-skiing activities including the Hogle Zoo, Museum of Fine Arts, Living Planet Aquarium and much more.

Whether you're looking towards the mountains to escape for one day or are hoping to plan an extended stay this ski season, Utah can provide visitors with a wide variety of skiing options and vacation ideas for a getaway that can perfectly fit the wants and needs of your travel party.