Anaheim, CA Dinner Shows: Medieval Times, Pirate's Dinner Adventure & Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld

Put some kick into your dining in Anaheim, California with these famous dinner show attractions. As you dine, you'll be treated to unique entertainment on a world-class scale that will have you wanting to come back again and again!

  • Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Anaheim
  • Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Buena Park
  • Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld San Diego

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Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Anaheim

At Pirate's Dinner Adventure, visitors will enjoy a spectacular Broadway-style show that features amazing stunts, special effects, music, and more. There's plenty of audience participation in this show as well, and everyone will get to dine on the royal feast before the evil Captain Sebastian the Black and his band of renegades engage royal court - and the audience - in an exciting battle between good and evil!

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Buena Park

The hard-hitting competition of this world-renowned dinner attraction is sure to delight young and old alike as you cheer for your knight! Six chivalrous knights will face off in several competitions, including the popular joust and hand-to-hand combat segments, to determine who the ultimate tournament champion will be. A feast fit for a king will be served while the action takes place in the arena, and, of course, will be eaten Medieval-style without utensils!

Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld San Diego

Enjoy an up-close-and-personal experience with the world's most famous orca when you Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld San Diego. This exciting dining experience includes transportation from Anaheim to SeaWorld San Diego, admission to the park, and VIP seating for a buffet lunch by Shamu's habitat. In fact, your lunch hosts will be the whale trainer themselves, who will share plenty of insight and information about the performing beauty while you dine.