All-Inclusive Hotels & Resorts Throughout Mexico

The only thing better than going on vacation is going on vacation without having to open your wallet. And while your first reaction may be that this sounds like a far-fetched idea, with a little planning before booking your next vacation to Mexico you'll find that there are actually a number of hotels and resorts that offer all-inclusive stays complete with food, drink and often times even entertainment. From the quaint setting of Mazatlan, nestled just off the coast of the Gulf of California, to the ever popular setting of Cancun, all across Mexico travelers will can find encompassing, inviting locations that can offer a great time without expecting you to constantly worry about your "travel budget."

All-Inclusive Hotels & Resorts in Acapulco, Mexico

Situated off the Pacific Ocean, Acapulco may not be quite as popular as areas such as Cancun or Cozumel, but it certainly offers a beautiful view complete with all-inclusive hotel options. In particular, the Emporio Acapulco can provide a beach-front stay and thorough service. With an all-inclusive stay at the Emporio Acapulco guests can expect all meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, various snacks, and even a variety of daily activities and entertainment to all be included with the up-front cost of your stay. So whether you'd prefer a time of lounging pool side with a constant stream of margaritas or would rather explore the local area by way of kayak, you're set during your stay in Acapulco.

All-Inclusive Hotels & Resorts in Cancun, Mexico

As one of the most popular Mexico destinations, Cancun is literally covered in all-inclusive hotel options. And though the majority of Cancun's all-inclusive lodging options are packed into the 14-mile stretch affectionately named "The Hotel Zone," this Spring Break hot spot still manages to boast more options than any other city in Mexico. From the economical stays including Ocean Hotel Yacht Spa and Imperial Las Perlas to five-star offerings such as Sunset Royal Cancun and the Grand Palladium franchise that features Kantenah Resort & Spa, Riviera Resort & Spa, and Colonial Resort & Spa, there's an all-inclusive setting in Cancun to fit every budget and style.

All-Inclusive Hotels & Resorts in Cozumel, Mexico

One of Cozumel's more prominent all-inclusive stays is the El Cid La Ceiba, and while the El Cid franchise can be found throughout Mexico its Cozumel location is in no way downgraded by the multitude of sister lodgings found throughout the country. The El Cid holds a coveted five-star rating, and certainly lives up to its title. Set flush with the Gulf of Mexico, El Cid La Ceiba offers guests free dining and drinking from the on-site restaurant, along with a variety of planned activities throughout the day for a stay that can be as active or relaxing as you'd like.

All-Inclusive Hotels & Resorts in Ixtapa, Mexico

Just a short stretch north of Acapulco, along the Pacific coast, Ixtapa offers a beautiful setting. And while there might not be quite as many all-inclusive settings in the area as in other cities such as Cancun, that's not to say that you can find an all-accommodating stay. The Emporio Ixtapa, in particular, can offer travelers a five-star, all-inclusive paradise complete with the natural charm and modern amenities you'd expect. Marble floors and leather furniture will set the tone for your stay at the Emporio Ixtapa, though it's sure to be the included food, drink and entertainment options that leave a lasting impression.

All-Inclusive Hotels & Resorts in Mazatlan, Mexico

As with Ixtapa, Mazatlan may not have the largest stable of all-inclusive resorts, but it does feature a select offering of quality. In fact, the El Cid franchise has two different all-inclusive options in Mazatlan with each offering a top notch stay. Both the El Cid Granada Hotel & Country Club and El Cid Castilla Beach Hotel offer budget conscious travelers a way to fully enjoy their vacation without worrying about the final cost, and certainly take no shorts in terms of quality. And for those less concerned with how much their vacation will set them back, the Emporio Mazatlan also offers an all-inclusive stay amidst the charm of contemporary Mexican architecture.

All-Inclusive Hotels & Resorts in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta has quickly caught up to Cancun as one of the more trendy stays along the coasts of Mexico, and for good reason. Set on the opposite end of Cancun, Puerto Vallarta offers the same beauty and charm that accents the entire coastline, and as with most Mexico resort destinations it also has its share of all-inclusive stays. At the Costa Club Punta Arena Puerto Vallarta guests will be greeted with the traditional food and drinks included, along with unlimited use of non-motorized land and water transportation, such as kayaks, and a variety of contests and nightly entertainment.