Wizard Quest Wisconsin Dells

Wizard Quest Wisconsin Dells is no longer available.

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Wizard Quest Wisconsin Dells
Detail You will have 75 minutes to complete your quest.
Detail All groups must have a member who is 16 or older. Please bring an ID as collateral to borrow the Skrindle.
Detail Appropriate for All Ages
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If you are in need of a unique and exciting adventure while in the Wisconsin Dells, be sure to check out the interactive attraction, The Wizard Quest. Here at Wizard Quest, guests are taken on a journey to decide if they will be a free or freeze wizard by solving puzzles, answering questions, and figuring out the answers to riddles! All of this will be done with the help of a “Skrindle”, a hand-held device that will transform the attraction into an interactive game. This 13,000 square foot indoor attraction is lavishly decorated to take you into a completely different world for the duration of your adventure.

As you start figuring out the clues and moving through the fantasy themed labyrinth, you’ll find secret passages and hidden rooms that will take you to a ball pit, a winding mirror maze, and even a climb to the top of the castle before sliding out of the adventure! This is the perfect activity for the entire family as it requires plenty of brainpower and teamwork but is still an exciting interactive game.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the fantasy realm or are looking for an all-new experience during your stay in the Wisconsin Dells, Wizard Quest is the perfect activity for you and your family.