Williamsburg Hot Air Balloon Rides & Private Flights

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Williamsburg Hot Air Balloon Rides & Private Flights
Detail Max weight is 850 lbs; up to 5 people
Detail Post-flight champagne toast with Private Flight

Soar effortlessly above the world in a hot air balloon tour! Hot air balloons let you get an unparalleled view of the lovely Virginia countryside.

Hot Air Balloon Ride
This 3-hour balloon adventure lets you experience every aspect of lighter-than-air flight. You'll watch as the balloon is set up and inflated, then climb into the passenger basket for takeoff and watch the ground drop away as you rise into the sky. Hot air ballooning is a unique way to travel and will create lasting memories, whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or a fun family outing.
Hot Air Balloon Private Flight
The balloon flight lasts 45 minutes - 1 hour. You'll float over the Williamsburg area to see fantastic views of the Virginia Peninsula with its farms, countryside, and quaint colonial towns. The price of your balloon tour also includes a post-flight champagne toast. You may even see something else to do in the area.