Mystery Dinner Playhouse Williamsburg

Williamsburg Murder Mystery Comedy Dinner Show at the Mystery Dinner Playhouse has closed and is no longer available.

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Mystery Dinner Playhouse Williamsburg
Detail The show lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours.
Detail The show price also includes dinner.
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Prepare for a hilarious and mysterious evening at the Mystery Dinner Playhouse, where a talented cast of performers will satisfy both your hunger and your appetite for a fun murder mystery dinner show! Add this to your Williamsburg, VA family vacation for an awesome stay!

At the show, you will enjoy five scenes that will present you with a mysterious situation that you just might be the one to solve. Your talented servers are the suspects in the crime, and you will get the opportunity to interact with them to gain clues to find out “whodunit.”This show is one of the best things to do in Williamsburg.

As your four-course meal is served, you can collect clues that will help you solve the comedic mystery presented by the performers, and you can be a part of the fun by interacting with, and possibly even bribing the wait staff to gain valuable clues. You will want to pay close attention and be very aware of your surroundings, because every aspect of the theater, show, and possibly even your meal could be a clue in solving the mystery. As the evening concludes, you will fill out the solutions form with the clues that you have collected, and he or she who best solves the crime will be given a prize. This fun activity is perfect for groups, students, couples and families, so gather your comrades, come hungry, and prepare to solve a compelling mystery!

Who Killed The King?

In this comical medieval murder mystery, see the coronation of King Ronald, Lord of the Ville. Guests will be accompanied by the kingdom's court which includes Prince Ronald (the King in Waiting) and his wife (the Princess), the Queen, the Royal Tax Collector, and last but certainly not least Morrie, the Court Jester. 

Murder Rides Again!

During this obscure Wild West murder mystery, join the townsfolk of Groaners Gulch, Nevada in their annual chili cook-off. If you want to compete in the "Cowboy of the Year Contest," be warned there will be a showdown taking place at the "I'm O.K. You're O.K. Corral." Find out if the sheriff will save the day, or if the outlaws will take over the town in Murder Rides Again!

22 reviews
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Jenny Kilburn
Verified Traveler
4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
"This was fun."
This was fun...I have been to a few...It was different and very enjoyable. Yes, as someone said on another review...They forgot some lines...But they really played it well...Made it funny so that was not bad at all. Food was not that great...I think they need to work on that since the tickets were high. But, yes, i would go again....And will if we go back next year.
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Joe Moffett
Verified Traveler
4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating4.5 Star Rating
"A nice way to end an evening."
A nice way to end an evening. Above average acting, very nice meal (we had prime rib and there is a kids meal-chicken fingers and fries,) more of an adult humor play, but enjoyable.
Profile Photo
James Pirie
Verified Traveler
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
"Good mystery!"
Good mystery!!!! Great food!!!! I have seen alot of mystery dinners and this one rates up there with some of the best. I have seen some bad ones as well and wished i could get my money back. But not this one. I would come to this again if i am ever up this way. The actors were great!!!!
Profile Photo
Gerald Baker
Burlington, NJ
Verified Traveler
3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating3 Star Rating
Had a fine time, the food was very good, the mystery was more as a high school level entertainment, and did not find out how to get my coffee or tea till too late in the dinner.
Frequently Asked Questions for Mystery Dinner Playhouse Williamsburg:
  • What is included in the admission price for the Mystery Dinner Playhouse?
    The price includes a four-course meal and the show.
  • Approximately how long is the show?
    It is approximately 2-2.5 hours.
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