Bearizona Drive-Thru Wildlife Park

Bearizona Drive-Thru Wildlife Park

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Bearizona Drive-thru Wildlife Park

The Bearizona drive-Thur wildlife tour is fun because it allows you to drive your own car through this place in Williams. The Williams area is one fo the prettiest in the whole state, and you will fall in love with the wildlife that you see. These animals get fairly close to your car, and you are given a chance to learn about them from a tour tape.

The tour that you take through the enclosures is all a part of a much larger plan to entertain you. You are led down a road that will take you deep into the park, and you will se the many animals there including bears that live so close to the path. The animals do not get in your path, and you have chances to take pictures as you go.

You must use the tour as a way of spending at least half a day on the road. You will come out to William when the time is right, and you must have tickets for the whole family. Everyone should ride in the same car, and you bring along the taped tour.

Someone who is planning a trip to Arizona must get tickets for this park, and you must look through the park slowly as you drive the route that was picked for you when the park was built.

During your Grand Canyon vacation, see bears, bison, big horn sheep and more at the family-friendly Bearizona Drive-Thru Wildlife Park. Drive through 2 miles (3 km) of Arizona wilderness in your own vehicle, viewing North American wildlife like black bears and Alaskan wolves! Plus, you can also tour Fort Bearizona, a walk-through area where baby animals and smaller species of wildlife can be seen up close.

Bearizona Drive-Thru Wildlife Park is an animal sanctuary in the amazing Ponderosa pine forests of northern Arizona, just 60 miles (96 km) from Grand Canyon National Park. Bearizona is the only park of its kind in the southwest United States and is the perfect location for your next family adventure!

In the comfort of your own vehicle, drive through Bearizona to see North American animals in a wilderness environment. Catch views of American burros (a type of donkey), majestic brown bison weighing up to 2,000 pounds (900 kg), big horn sheep, Dall sheep (native to Alaska and Canada), stealthy Alaskan tundra wolves, rare white buffalo and, of course, the gorgeous black bears. The drive-thru portion of the park is approximately 2 miles (3 km) long, takes approximately 45 minutes and includes the use of a GPS device that will guide you through the route.

After your drive, get out of your car and visit Fort Bearizona, a walk-through area where you can stroll along the winding paths and watch the antics of the park's baby animals and smaller species. Fort Bearizona is also home to the amazing High Country Raptors free-flight show, where you'll learn about birds of prey and see them fly directly over you!

Bearizona promotes conservation and preservation through educational encounters with North American wildlife.

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