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Comedy Cellar in Victoria, BC

759 Yates St
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Whether you're vacationing or just looking for an enjoyable way to spend your evening, everyone loves going where they're going to have a few good laughs.

Victoria, BC has always been known for its fabulous nightlife. Located in Victoria at 759 Yates Street, the Comedy Cellar & Showroom has always kept the locals and guests very entertained. Some of the most widely loved and extremely popular comedians from all over the world including Canada as well as throughout North America come there on a weekly basis to perform. Although, most known for their great comedy routines and stand-up comedians, the Comedy Cellar also features all sorts of entertainment that include live music, plays and excellent readings of poets. Victoria has always been known for a city that rocks at night and is the perfect place for those in search of some excitement at night. Once they checked out the Comedy Cellar, they found exactly what they needed.

The live entertainment provided at the Comedy Cellar provided all the excitement only a live performance can give. In addition to seeing outstanding entertainment at the Comedy Cellar & Showroom, guests also enjoy their Las Vegas style showroom atmosphere. Although the Comedy Cellar is currently closed, guests remember the laughter and full program of entertainment that they always received when they chose to spend their evenings there. They're patiently awaiting some word of a re-opening so they can once again sit in their luxurious booth being entertained and laughing until they almost cried! Between the excellent entertainment, which may have been different at any given time, to the friendly service and luxurious surroundings, the Comedy Cellar & Showroom is definitely missed in Victoria.

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