Whale-Watching Cruise with Expert Naturalists

Whale-Watching Cruise with Expert Naturalists


Whale-Watching is definitely one of the most breathtaking activities to take part in. Honestly, there is not too much that makes up this rather simple activity other than enjoying the beauty of one of the worlds most fascinating creatures of all time. However, in reality, not much else is needed for this activity to make it awesome. The simple act of watching a whale do whale things is awesome despite the rather simplicity of the activity. As we can imagine, this activity more than makes up for any price there is to pay for doing it. Having said that, whale-watching is made even more amazing by doing it with an expert naturalist. Not only do these naturalists have vast amounts of knowledge on these amazing animals, they also possess the ability to make whale-watching even more fun than it already is. From listing incredible facts on whales to cracking whale jokes, enjoying a whale-watching experience with an expert naturalist is a must. Furthermore, there is pleasure in knowing that these experiences are available virtually everywhere. Because of a large number of whales in and around every ocean, there is no shortage of whale-watching experiences to enjoy. In fact, British Columbia has one of the best overall experiences of whale-watching. Here is more on the whale-watching experience that British Columbia has to offer.

Whale-Watching in British Columbia

As many have come to realize, the seas of British Columbia are famous for its abundance of whales. For this reason, British Columbia naturally developed some of the best whale-watching experiences in the world. Many people will even come from opposite ends of the world o enjoy a whale-watching experience from these seas. So, if there is one whale-watching location that needs to be on a bucket list, British Columbia is it.

British Columbia is famous for its abundance of whales, and on this 3-hour educational Canadian cruise, you'll get a chance to see them! While cruising on a 40-passenger boat specifically designed for whale watching, witness these impressive mammals as two onboard naturalists provide interesting and informative commentary on the Pacific marine life off the coast of Canada.

Take in the beautiful sights of British Columbia on an educational whale-watching adventure from Victoria ! Enjoy a three-hour cruise on the Pacific and spot majestic orcas (killer whales) while learning about Canada's marine ecosystem from two onboard naturalists. They'll answer any questions you may have during your whale-watching cruise and encourage you to search for native marine life!

Ron Bates, one of the leading orca researchers in the Pacific Northwest, may also be along for the ride! He conducts much of his research on board and can provide unique and detailed insight into the lives of these magnificent and intelligent mammals.

Every whale-watching adventure may be different depending on the day's marine activity. The cruise often starts with visits to the small islands off the coast of Victoria to begin the exciting search for whales. Listen as your expert crew explains the surrounding marine ecosystems of the Pacific. Learn about the important food chains in each area and the types of animals found there. Often, the crew will pull kelp on board and give you a chance to touch, feel and taste where many of the food chains begin.

This exciting whale-watching cruise is conducted on a boat designed specifically for whale watching, and provides a smooth, swift and stable ride. Enjoy the indoor and outdoor seating areas for great panoramic views. This tour is fun for the entire family!

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