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Gastown's Historic Blood Alley in Vancouver, BC

Some of the history may make you cringe but it is interesting.

Blood Alley is now a place to shop and enjoy some delicious food in restaurants but it used to be a in the food industry in a different way.  The stories behind Blood Alley have made it an historical area in Vancouver.

Blood Alley was not only about local shops in the past.  This street used to be the place to go if you were looking for some fresh cuts of meat.  This was the freshest meat you could find and the butchers which lined these streets overtook the shopping market.  The street was named Blood Alley due to the blood that was found in the streets after the butchers would clean off with water after cutting meat all day.  The streets would be full of blood which coined the name, Blood Alley. 

Not only were the streets covered in blood from the butchering of meat every day.  Blood Alley Square was the location for public executions.  This just reinforced the name that was given to the area.  The name given was a great depiction of the activities that took place in that time period in history.

Now, you can visit Blood Alley for some local shopping and enjoy a great dining experience in one of their restaurants.  You can find some business offering a variety of services as well.  Blood Alley will remain a significant part of history of Vancouver and will always have those chilling stories to make this area unique.

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