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North Shore Tour: Bridge
North Shore Tour: Bridge
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Vancouver City History and Facts

Vancouver will be host city to the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and is one of the most beautiful and accessible cities. It is also respected for being innovative, or on the cutting edge of ideas. In the areas of sustainability, accessibility/All-inclusive, Vancouver is a recognized leader.

The city has been honored in several areas, including a National Transportation Award, Municipal Energy Award, Charter Award for the Congress of New Urbanism, the Industry Achievement Award for trenchless technology; Vancouver was also awarded for its outstanding management of its city parks, for its groups who support the homeless, and the city was ranked first in America for Quality of life for the third straight year.

With a city so clean, well-managed, as well as a leader in philanthropy, no wonder it is growing in population and chosen as a top vacation destination. The city's mission to its inhabitants is: "To create a great city of communities which cares about its people, its environment, and the opportunities to live work and prosper." The city maintains its fine reputation for being responsive to its inhabitant's needs, striving for excellence, integrity, and its top role in leadership.

Vancouver is the primary city of western Canada, as well as one of the nation's largest industrial centers. It is a major tourist attraction where visitors come to enjoy gardens, and world-famous Stanley Park, which is one of more than 180 city parks, and a combination of natural forest and parklands near the city. Vancouver International Airport is Canada's second busiest airport, as well as the second largest international passenger gateway on the west coast of North America.

Evidence of archaeologists tell us the coastal Indians were among the first to settle the Vancouver area, at about 500 B.C. In 1792, British Naval Captain, George Vancouver explored the area; In the 1870s the area was founded as a sawmill settlement and given the name Granville. In 1886, the city was renamed after Captain Vancouver.

It is a well-known fact that Vancouver has the largest film industry in Canada, and it also injects more than $1 billion dollars into the local economy. You'll see it all happening here-movies, TV series, made-for -tv-movies. Vancouver is a major spot that celebrities choose for relaxation. For instance, Jeff Goldblum was seen playing piano at a popular downtown bar, Robin Williams has a favorite chinese restaurant on Burrard Street. Other notable stars who have been spotted often here are Gwyneth Paltrow, Barbara Streisand, and John Travolta.

Each year, Vancouver is the home to a plethora of family-fun events, like the 100 Days of Summer, offering great live music festivals, and fun outdoor activities, many of which are free or nearly free, such as Capilano Salmon Hatchery, which is open year-round and offers the opportunity to learn about the life and spawning habits of salmon, for the culture-seeker, be sure to visit Chinatown at dusk, a wonderful evening market where you can try delicious chinese delicacies and deserts, as well as shop for many useful and frivolous items. Vancouver offers its guests a welcoming smile, and all the fun recreation anyone seeks for the perfect vacation destination.


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