Whale-Watching Tour from Vancouver

Whale-Watching Tour from Vancouver

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Come to Vancouver for an all exclusive whale watching tour. Besides seeing the beautiful whales, other highlights include cruising in the majestic water and looking at the other sea creatures. Guests will want to bring their video recorders and cameras to capture some breathtaking photos.

Guests will depart daily from their prospective Vancouver hotels. Once everyone arrives at Steveston Village they will board a boat that will take them out into the view and waters of Canada’s West Coast. The boats themselves feature both an open deck and a covered cabin for your convenience. Each boat is equipped with hydrophones and identification charts so guests can hear whales noises and identify any wildlife that pops up out of the water. Once the boats reach British Columbia’s coastal waters, it’s time to do some serious whale watching. The sea is filled with orcas, sea lions, seals, eagles, and porpoises. There are other sea creatures present and you are guaranteed to spot a whale.

The gorgeous scenery of the San Juan Islands and the Gulf offer the perfect spot for a quick selfie or regular photo. Your guide will give you excellent commentary on the wildlife. There are also snacks and bottled water in the event that anyone gets hungry. While doing your whale watching, there is a legendary whale known as “Granny”. She is considered the oldest living whale at the age of 100. There are three pods of killer whales and guests will get to see about 80 animals.

The tour lasts from about three to five hours. Guests can pick an alternate time for the tour. Book right now and enjoy.

While in Vancouver, don't miss the chance to take a whale-watching tour and spot killer whales, porpoises, seals, eagles and other wildlife amid the stunning scenery of Canada's southwest coast. Join your professional naturalist and board a first class, modern vessel for a 3- to 5-hour expedition, starting in the picturesque, historic fishing village of Steveston and traveling through the spectacular Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands.

The area is renowned for attracting whales, and this tour enjoys a 90% sighting success rate. On your quest to find orcas (killer whales), you'll have the opportunity to see the inhabitants of this diverse marine ecosystem, including bow riding Dall's porpoises, sea lions, bald eagles and seals. Select the shuttle option to include round-trip transportation from downtown Vancouver, and spend a morning or afternoon in touch with nature on this memorable whale-watching tour!

Killer whales (also known as orcas) migrate to coastal British Columbia between May and October to feed on the salmon that return to the Fraser River to spawn. There are three pods (families) of approximately 80 killer whales that return to the area every year, meaning sightings are almost guaranteed.

The vessels used on this whale-watching tour are open-air or covered high-speed zodiac boats that ensure a smooth and comfortable trip whatever the weather! On your thrilling expedition, you will hear illuminating commentary delivered by professional naturalists, and you'll see the magnificent orca in its natural habitat. Onboard hydrophones allow you to experience the wild calls of the orcas first hand, and photo ID charts will even help you to identify them. Look out for the orca named Granny, believed to be over 100 years old!

Air-conditioned shuttle transportation is available from nine centrally located pickup points in downtown Vancouver, and free parking is available in Steveston Village for those arriving by car.

Don't miss this extraordinary rendezvous with nature on the southwest coast of Canada!


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