Toronto Parks: Toronto Zoo, Rogue Park, Gardens, and More


As a bustling metropolis with over 4 million people, Toronto has a surprisingly rich wealth of natural resources and parks, gardens, and conservatories. Visitors can enjoy animal parks, city parks, and beautiful gardens to get a true sense of the land, habitat, and wildlife of Canada.


The Toronto Zoo


At the Toronto Zoo, located in Rouge Park, there are over 5,000 animals representing 460 species. With 6 miles of walking trails and 6 zoogeographic regions, it's one of the world's premiere zoos. Children will delight in the Zellers Discovery Center with a petting zoo and other kid-sized discoveries. A second, and very educational, place to see animals in Toronto is The Falconry Center, just 40 minutes north of the city. This medieval courtyard is home to more than 200 endangered raptors, including falcons, eagles, owls, hawks and vultures, and is also a bird breeding and research center.


Toronto, ON Parks


Toronto is so rich in city parks that no matter where you are in the city, you are probably within a short walk of a park, reservoir, trail, or open space. The city maintains 1,500 parks with ravines, valleys, woodlots, and waterfronts for activities such as horseback riding, hiking, camping, bicycling, picnicking, and swimming.


Take a ferry to Toronto Island Park, a series of three islands: Hanlan's Point, Center Island, and Ward's Island. Here you'll see the distinctive Manitou and Olympic Island Bridges, the Avenue of the Islands Gardens, Centreville Amusement Park, and a Frisbee Golf Course. Other city parks include Sunnybrook Park with riding stables and nature trails; Rouge Park, the home of the Toronto Zoo and the Rouge Marsh & Beach; King's Mill Park, an idea spot for kite-flying during warm days and cross country skiing in the winter; and Labyrinth Park in Trinity Square, with a huge grass labyrinth.


Toronto, ON Gardens


Speaking of grass, plant-lovers will truly be in heaven in Toronto, for no matter what time of year you visit, there is a garden in bloom! Toronto houses many public conservatories, which are indoor gardens and greenhouses, for enjoyment during the winter. Allen Gardens Conservatory, in the south end of the city on Horticulture Avenue, has six greenhouses and a 'Palm House'. Some outdoor gardens for warm-weather visitors include: Royal Botanical Gardens, Rosetta McClain Gardens, Cedar Ridge Creative Center & Botanical Garden, and Toronto Music Garden. Within the gardens of Toronto, you'll find the most beautiful displays of foliage and flowers in serene, artistically composed landscapes.


Whether you are an animal aficionado or a nature enthusiast, Toronto has a park for you. Come to Toronto and broaden your horizons in the parks of one of the world's most safe and diverse cities.

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