Toronto Canada Weather


When you think Canada, you might think cold, but Toronto has the warmest springs and summers in Canada, making these seasons a great time to visit. This weather information will help decide when to plan your vacation and what attractions to visit.


Spring in Toronto


Spring brings average temperatures between 36 degrees and 50 degrees and typical monthly precipitation of about 2.5 inches. Bring along a jacket and an umbrella for possible cool and rainy weather.


Summer in Toronto


Summer typically sees daily temperatures between 61 degrees and 81 degrees with some days moving into the 90s. It can get humid, and average precipitation during summer months is 2.9 inches. Pack lightweight summer clothing and tote along some rain gear just in case.


Fall in Toronto


The fall months are still generally mild and sunny. Daily temperatures range from 44 degrees to 56 degrees. Average monthly precipitation is around 2.7 inches. Bring a light jacket and a few sweaters, along with an umbrella.


Winter in Toronto


Winter does get cold, but that doesn't stop the activities in Toronto. The average daytime temperature is just below freezing and average snowfall is about 4 inches during the winter months. Pack warm weather gear, including a heavy coat, hat, scarf, gloves, and warm boots. 


Best Bets


Many say the best time of year to visit Toronto is late spring or early autumn, when temperatures are fairly moderate.


Your best bet is to check out the weather before you head out so you can plan for what's ahead. Book your lodging today!

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