Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament Toronto Special
Jousting Hit at Medieval Times Toronto

Murder, the Middle Ages, and Salsa: Toronto's Diverse Dinner Shows

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In Toronto, you'll be intrigued by the interesting dinner shows offered around the city to enjoy your next getaway. Toronto offers shows based on murder mysteries, medieval romance, and salsa dancing. You'll find quite a variety of shows in Toronto that will add flavor to your visit to this sensational megacity. Book your lodging accommodations today and enjoy the variety of shows!


Murder Mystery Shows
Two of Toronto's finest murder mystery show companies are Mystery Dinner Theatre and Murder Mystery Canada. Both these groups offer the same sort of shows: a murder mystery to solve while you eat! As you enjoy your meal, various actors will enter the room as characters in the murder mystery that is happening around you as you dine. Either one of the characters dies or a body is found, thickening the plot of the intrigue that will be going on around you. A detective leads the investigation of 'whodunit?' while the characters of the mystery sit at the table with you. Guests to the shows are welcomed to participate in solving the murder mystery and can even receive prizes for guessing correctly. Mystery Dinner Theatre is located on Yonge Street and is open to the public Wednesday through Saturday; Wednesday offers a lunch matinee while Thursday through Saturday offer night shows. Mystery Dinner Theatre accommodates any amount of people from singles to large groups. Murder Mystery Canada has shows at various downtown and midtown restaurants and accommodates any size group. Murder Mystery Canada also has a dinner cruise right out of Toronto Harbor. So join the fun as you interact in a live murder mystery!


Medieval Times
Toronto offers this classic show at Exhibition Place. The show features a look into the middle ages, with jousting and intriguing tales of kings, princesses, and knights. You'll enjoy a four course feast medieval style--without silverware. As a part of the crowd you'll be able to cheer the knights as they clash swords and lances and be served by wenches and serfs. This show will let you take an step into an exhilarating period of history!


Plaza Flamingo Restaurant
Located in the heart of Toronto, the Plaza Flamingo Restaurant offers a night of Latin fun. Their Friday and Saturday night dinner packages include a night of great food and dancing. While you eat fine authentic Spanish cuisine, you can enjoy a dancing show, the Live Flamenco Show. Offered on the dinner menu are mouthwatering classic Spanish entrees such as Paella Marinera, Pechuga Rellena, and Salomon Montemar. The Live Flamenco Show will present all the color, excitement, and romance of traditional Spanish and Latin music and dancing. After the dinner and show, you can even receive dance lessons to feel the exuberance yourself!

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Toronto, ON
It is truly a great place for the whole family to get out and have loads of fun. The food is out of this world as well. Planned on coming in february for my hubby and sons birthday, to celebrate together. Can not wait to come!!!!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Buffylynn Bante - Everett, Ontario
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Toronto, ON
Everything about medieval times is amazing! The staff are great,the knights are so talented and handsome! The princesses is so beautiful! The tournament was breath taking i couldn't take my eyes off it! The atmosphere was a dream come true.
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Chantelle Kelly - Toronto, ON
Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament - Toronto, ON
An excellent way to enjoy an exciting evening out to dinner! The food was great, services was a bit harried though. The tournament games brought the past to life right in front of our eyes. Everyone enjoys watching great horsemanship, this is no exception! Our entire group had a wonderful time. Great entertainment for all ages !!!
5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating5 Star Rating
-- Debbie Poisson - Ottawa
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