Toronto Food Tour: Kensington Market Sweets

Toronto Food Tour: Kensington Market Sweets

The Toronto Food Tour and trip to the Kensington Market Sweets visit helps you enjoy some of the best food of your life, and you might try some sweets in the Kensington Market that will change how you feel about candy. This is unique tour because it allows you to truly enjoy food while also showing you some of the most peaceful spots in the city.

Toronto has a vast food culture, and you must come to the city with the expectation that you can eat more than your fill at each stop. This food tour does get you into some tastings, and you might try a drink here and there as you walk. The Kensington MArket Sweets shop becomes your last stop on this tour, and it gives you that piece of candy to top off the tour.

The tour is more fun for visitors to the Toronto area because it helps you feel much more comfortable with the way that you are touring the area. The people who are touring Toronto through food are learning more than normal, and they have many favorites that might want to visit in the future.

The Toronto Food Tour has their map and tickets online. You must read them over so that you know what you are getting into when you come to the city. Print your tickets beforehand, and you will be ready to start.

The tour that you take through the streets of Toronto should be one that feeds you well, and you are guaranteed that when you work with your tour guide.


Savor sweets from around the globe on this walking tour of Downtown Toronto's Kensington Market, a colorful multicultural neighborhood brimming with interesting locales. Chow down on Mexican churros, indulge in delicate handmade chocolate truffles, and try unique sweets such as Chinese egg tarts and Middle Eastern 'baklava.' Throughout your easy stroll, you'll learn about Toronto's food history from your expert guide.
This small-group tour is limited to 10 people, ensuring a more personalized experience.



Your Toronto culinary experience starts at Ding Dong Pastries, a Chinese bakery in Downtown Toronto where you'll begin with a sampling of egg tarts.
Then, follow your guide on an easy 2-hour stroll through Kensington Market, a distinctive multicultural neighborhood in Downtown Toronto. One of the city's oldest and well-known neighborhoods, this unique area is a National Historic Site of Canada.
Visit six diverse stores, bakeries and vendors including Miss Cora's Kitchen, Chocolate Addict, Akram's Shoppe and Pancho's Bakery. Indulge in sweet treats from all over the world such as Mexican churros and marshmallows, delicate handmade chocolate truffles from Britain and Middle Eastern baklava and halva. All tasting fees are included.
In between stops, your guide will teach you about the history and culture of food - particularly sweets - in Toronto. You'll also receive discounts at select merchants.
Your last stop is Blue Banana Market, where your tour concludes.

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