Culinary Walking Tour of Little India, Greektown Or Leslieville

Culinary Walking Tour of Little India, Greektown Or Leslieville
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The Toronto area is filled with great food, and you must look into something that will help you eat well and learn the town. The Toronto area is very large, and you are sent on a tour that takes you all over the area so that you can see as many different types of cline as possible.

The tour guide gets you started pretty easily with a look at the different sections of town, and they take you to each section as they describe the food that is made there. You are shown the best places to eat in these spots, and you are given a look at their menus as you walk by. You could take a menu with you so you remember to go back, or you might step in for a tasting.

There are other ways for you to enjoy food in this area, and it is wise to use the tour guide's information to learn about these new neighborhoods. You must learn this community while on vacation, and you could come back at any time to take these tours once again.

The tickets for your tour are easy to buy online, and you must begin to use the tour as a way to entertain your family. You get to see a lot of Toronto that most people do not see, and you are given free reign to stop and taste food along the way.

The culinary walking tour of Toronto is often the only way that people can enjoy this town because they know for a fact that they will find something delicious while learning how Toronto is laid out.

Taste your way through one of Toronto's diverse neighborhoods on a small-group food walking tour led by a local professional chef! Choose from the rich aromas and flavors of Little India, the bustling neighborhood of Greektown (the largest in North America) or trendy Leslieville, home to some of Ontario's best cuisine. Along the way, get behind-the-scenes access into kitchens, chats with chefs and market tours. Take one tour or combine two for a true foodie experience, and discover the delicious foods and traditional cultures of Toronto's varied neighborhoods!

Embrace the tastes and cultures of Toronto's most unique and tasty neighborhoods on one of these amazing, small-group food walking tours. On your 3- to 3.5-hour food tour, be guided by a local professional chef who is extremely passionate about cooking, Toronto history and the Toronto food scene.

Little India: Discover the aromas and sample fabulous Indian delicacies as you learn about tIndian customs and stroll through one of the largest and oldest South Asian markets in North America. From dosas to desserts, your taste buds will go on a culinary adventure that runs the gamut from Indian street food like grilled corn, to samosas, kebabs and the best-rated butter chicken in Toronto. Take a sneak peek into one of the kitchens for a culinary demonstration, go spice shopping, visit an authentic Indian kitchen store and hear a sprinkling of Toronto history and local stories, rounding out an evening that will make you feel like you have taken a journey to India without ever leaving the city.

Greektown: Explore the delights of the largest Greek neighborhood in North America and one of the most cosmopolitan areas of Toronto! Get a taste of Greek food and culture with a dash of Turkish influence as you stroll along Danforth Avenue. Taste Turkish olives, pide (Turkish pizza) and a feast of delicious, homemade Greek mezes (small plates) prepared by proud restaurateurs. Greek wine tasting and time to shop at a gourmet store are also included.

Leslieville: Savor the vibrancy of a community that began as a small village back in the 1850s and has transformed itself into one of Toronto's hippest new neighborhoods and the headquarters of the booming Toronto film industry. From sweet to savory, your chef tour guide will give you a behind-the-scenes take on one of the city's best-kept secrets. Tastings include Ontario wines, sustainable seafood, olive oils, cheese, desserts and much more.

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