Serengeti Safari Tour

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Serengeti Safari Tour
Detail Tour lasts about 30 minutes.
Detail Handicap Accessible
Detail Both Cameras and Video Cameras are Permitted
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Serengeti Safari Tour
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Celebrate the natural beauty of the wide-open wilderness with a wonderful, award-winning Serengeti Safari Tour located at Busch Gardens. This tour will take guests along for a thirty-minute ride aboard an open-air touring vehicle to get tons of up-close looks into the wildlife that is abundant in Africa, all without having to leave the states. This tour will be a blast for the whole family to enjoy seeing exotic wildlife and spending time together while in Tampa Bay, Florida.

You will meet your outdoor touring vehicle at check-in, which is located in Nairobi at the Serengeti Outpost, just north of the train station. Make sure to meet at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled tour time. Be transported to the great Serengeti Plains as you tour around the open plains learning about the animals and some of the many secrets and surprises the habitat holds. The tour is led by an experienced guide that will provide guests with great information and fun facts pertaining to each type of animal, and will also provide you with the fun opportunity to hand-feed the giraffes as you explore the safari area. Be sure to bring your cameras along, and get some unparalleled photos to share with family and friends.

You will tour the 65-acre Serengeti Plain to see animals such as giraffe, rhinoceros, ostriches, zebra, and several species of antelope. This is one tour that should not be passed up during your next family vacation to Tampa Bay, Florida!

Exclusions: Park Admission and Parking are not included with the Safari Tour.

Frequently Asked Questions for Serengeti Safari Tour:
  • What is included in the admission price?
    Includes a 30 minute off-road wildlife safari tour and a chance to hand-feed giraffes.
  • What methods of transportation does the Serengeti Safari Tour use?
    Tour uses an open-air touring vehicle.
  • Approximately how long does the Serengeti Safari Tour last?
    Approximately 30 minutes.
  • For what ages is the tour appropriate?
    Ages 5 and up. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • What type of dress & footwear are recommended?
    Comfortable outdoor clothing.
  • Where does the Serengeti Safari Tour depart from?
    The tour departs at the Serengeti Outpost in the Nairobi section.
  • Is photography / video recording allowed on the Serengeti Safari Tour?
    Both photography and video cameras are permitted.
  • Is the Serengeti Safari Tour handicap accessible?
    Yes. Please let the tour know in advanced so they can accommodate your needs.