National Blues Museum

National Blues Museum

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If you’re looking to add some musical excitement to your Saint Louis stay, be sure to stop by the National Blues Museum.

This museum will take you on a journey from the old African-American culture that Blues music stemmed from all the way up until how Blues resonates in the music world today. The only museum solely dedicated to honoring the story and path of Blues, you won’t want to miss this comprehensive collection of interactive technological exhibits and special artifacts. Plus, in addition to the amazing displays, the National Blues Museum is home to tons of movie showings, educational lectures, and even live music performances. You might be lucky enough to catch one of those during your trip!

More About Blues Music
Blues music is one of the most influential genres in America’s past as it’s had a big impact on jazz, folk, country, pop, rock, and even rap. Having been around in some variety for centuries now, Blues has been a genre that is upfront with feelings and emotions, especially those outside your own control such as sadness and solitude.

Blues music channels those feelings into a beautiful, low medley. The Blues genre as a whole connects artists from all different demographics and styles because it is as much a feeling as it is a type of music. Explore the impact that this genre has had on American culture in this amazing collection of exhibits at the National Blues Museum.

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