St. Augustine Alligator Farm

St. Augustine Alligator Farm
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St. Augustine Alligator Farm is no longer available.
This activity is no longer available. Top related activities are listed below:
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St. Augustine Alligator Farm Photos (12)

If you are feeling a little adventurous, head to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm in St. Augustine, FL for a unique look at some of the most interesting wildlife in the United States.

Open all year round, the alligator farm offers plenty of fun for the entire family. Whether you are looking to capture interesting photos or simply enjoy learning about animals, a trip to the farm always results in a great time. The farm puts on daily wildlife shows that captivate audiences with its dangerous, yet cool, animals.

Florida's Forest Friends: At the Florida's Forest Friends show, guests will be able to learn about the ecosystem as well as the native animals that call Florida home.

Realm of the Alligator: Step into the Realm of the Alligator to learn all about Florida's most infamous creature. The shows can include animal training demonstrations, an alligator feeding, and more.

Scales & Tails Reptile Show: At the Scales & Tails Reptile Show, adults and kids alike will be able to interact with some of the most interesting animals. Hold a snake and learn about the reptiles that call the farm home.

Rainforest Review: Head to the Rainforest Review show to learn new things about one of the most threatened environments in the world. Here, guests can meet colorful parrots and many other animals.

Alligator Feeding: If you've ever wanted to witness 3,700 pounds of crushing power, head to the Alligator Feeding show. Watch as these impressive reptiles feast upon their lunch in one of the most capitvating experiences offered at the farm.

The farm is not only home to interesting and interactive shows, but it also features plenty of exhibits and attractions that guests can explore on their own accord.

Exhibits & Attractions
Wading Bird Rookery: At the Wading Bird Rookery, guests can see stunning birds. From spoonbills and wood storks to herons and egrets, grab your camera to catch these birds in their most majestic form.

Lemurs of Madagascar: Lemurs are some of the most adorable and friendly animals in the world. Head to the Lemurs of Madagascar exhibit to see these cuddly creatures as they leap and play.

Python Cave: If you aren't afraid of slithery friends, Python Cave is one of the coolest exhibits at the farm. Watch as handlers bring out a huge python and learn about this 21-foot-long creature.

Maximo: Maximo is the Alligator Farm's crowning celebrity. This 1,250-pound stunner is sure to impress you as you learn all about the 'Salties', which are salt-water crocs. The experience is made even better with an underwater window that lets guests see into Maximo's world.

Land of Crocodiles: Learn all about crocs at the Land of Crocodiles exhibits. The displays feature every single crocodile species in the world, which is an experience that is unique to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm.

Realm of the Saltie: Australia is home to saltwater crocodiles, and the Realm of the Saltie exhibit transports you to the outback. The exhibit features birds and reptiles from the land down under for an intriguing time.

Gomek Forever: At Gomek Forever, guests will be able to learn about Gomek, once one of the biggest crocodiles who called the farm home.

Fossil Discoveries: If you've ever wanted to be an archaeologist, this exhibit is for you. Study the fossils of ancient crocodiles as you compare the prehistoric gators to the modern ones we know and love.

FL Native Reptiles: Capture the reptilian essence of Florida at the FL Native Reptiles exhibit. The display features many reptiles, birds, and mammals that make up Florida's unique ecosystem.

Exotic Birds & Mammals: Explore the many birds and mammals that inhabit the earth at this interesting display.

Birds of Africa: Head to Africa to experience the many different aviary species that call the continent home.

Albino Alligators: Albino gators are some of the most strikingly beautiful creatures in the world. Legends even say that those who look into their eyes will get good luck.

Whether you are a budding herpetologist or simply want to see some gators in action, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm is a great adventure for the entire family.

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