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Frisco Railroad Museum in Springfield, MO

Located at East Commercial Street in Springfield, Missouri, the Frisco Railroad Museum is remembered as one of the most noteworthy dedications to the Saint Louis and San Francisco Railroad.

Founded by Alan Schmidt in an attempt to relive the memories of this railroad and its contribution to the economic and social development of the country, the museum houses an immense inventory of artifacts and photographs... some of which date back to the early days of the railroad. Over the years, the museum has welcomed thousands of visitors who revisit the golden years of the Saint Louis and San Francisco Railroad through the years of authentic equipment, paintings and other railroad related memorabilia.

The museum also offers young visitors to gain an in-depth view of the history of steam and diesel engines with their captivating videos and model train layouts which depict stalwarts like the Frisco Locomotive 4524, the commuter car and the caboose. The Frisco Railroad has now been renamed the Railroad Historical Museum INC of Springfield Missouri and has moved to its present-day premises at the Grant Beach Park.

Assistance is provided solely by volunteers, who are well-versed with the journey the railroads have made from their early beginnings to the cutting-edge stance technology has assumed today and will readily answer any questions that you may have.

The Railroad Historical Museum Inc of Springfield Missouri is open to visitors from 2 pm to 4 pm every Saturday in the months between May and October. In keeping with the museum's tradition of preservation and education, admission is free of cost.

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543 East Commercial Street
Springfield, MO 65803
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