Memorial Park near Spokane, WA

2 S. Chelan Ave. Wenatchee, WA 98807-2863
Memorial Park near Spokane Wenatchee, Washington is a place for all that want to have some time out and share quality time with friends and family. The park has been a right place for the holidays and weekends for visitors.

Are you planning to visit the park and it is your first time to do so? Well if this is your case, then you are in for a good treatment of your life. Visitors are offered an excellent space to have a good bonding session with their families in the open air space in the park. The park also has perfect benches around it that you can have friends and families taking time with their children as they play you can watch them. Apart from the open fields, there are plenty of food and drinks at the restaurants around. So you should not be worried or get bothered for the food is delicious and affordable to all the visitors. It is further prepared by well trained and qualified cook at the park. This makes you think about the prices, you should worry much about the food is affordable to all. In fact, there are good deals for parties and family members. All you need to do is buy tickets at an early date for you to fit in the special packages.

The park has a vibrant history dating back from the year 1907. With the continuing growing number of the visitors, it has been a significant place in the area for the visitors. Near the park is the queen of peace cemetery that is also known for its rich history.

Tickets are sold at earlier dates and plans are made for those that are visiting to have fantastic moments during their visit.

Events at Memorial Park near Spokane

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